Online streaming giant Netflix has announced a deal with Kiwi Company to distribute South Korean feature film “Forgotten.”

Written and directed by Zhang Hang-jun, “Forgotten” is a mystery thriller that follows a man who returns with no memory after being kidnapped for 19 days and his younger brother chasing after the truth. Jang Won-seok, whose credits includes “Tunnel,” “A Hard Day and “Confession of Murder,” is the lead producer of the film.

“Unprecedented, the contract was signed during the film’s script stage, which shows that (Netflix) thought highly of the compelling story,” said Jang. “I believe it will be appreciated as a Korean-style mystery thriller not only by the local audiences but also by the international audiences.”

“Forgotten” will be available on Netflix globally in over 190 countries in early 2018, following a Korean theatrical release on Nov. 29 through Megabox.