David Gale co-founded We Are the Mighty, a multi-platform media brand, to connect clients with the military community, while also aiding the transition from military back into civilian life. Built on a creative team almost exclusively comprised of veterans, We Are the Mighty focuses on helping vets break into the entertainment industry by bridging the gap between armed forces and showbiz. The media company primarily produces original content celebrating service.

“While they have less experience directly in the entertainment business, their experience is so relevant to the content we make, that it actually gives us an advantage,” Gale says. “The authenticity becomes so key.”

Perhaps the most difficult feat, Gale says, is taking the initial step to break into the industry. After serving in the military for years, jobs can be closed off to those who don’t enter the workforce directly following school. And even if jobs are available, vets would need significant experience before getting promoted.

That’s where We Are the Mighty comes in to provide opportunities directly after transitioning out of the military. While their familiarity of logistics, such as knowing who agents are, might be less developed, Gale says they provide a different set of valuable assets.

“The maturity and ability to take on difficult tasks is much greater than most civilians because they’ve had to do it in some of the most difficult situations,” Gale says. “They bring that sense of community and joint effort to the table.”

Though the day-to-day of military service and showbiz don’t necessarily translate, Gale says the core values and approach to work are remarkably similar.

“They have a really good ethos, which is to have a common purpose, to work together to serve something bigger than themselves,” Gale says. “There is a mission to be successful together.”