Veteran agent Patricia “Patty” Mack, who represented cinematographers and craftspeople, and founded the Mack Agency, died on Jan. 9, Variety has learned.

Mack left her family in Burlington, Vt. at a young age, and spent time working as an activist for the anti-war movement and doing PR for the folk and traditional American music-oriented Philo Records.

In the mid-1980s she joined International Producers Services in Los Angeles. There, she rose through the ranks from production assistant to producer to executive producer at the Partners Film Company where she represented workers in the burgeoning visual effects world.

Later, Mack’s time at Dove Films saw her work with several noted cinematographers. While there, she became close with Crayton Smith, who headed the first talent agency solely representing DPs. She then helped found Blackbird, a production company formed to help black professionals enter advertising.

She joined another cinematographer-oriented agency before founding the Mack Agency in 1996 for craftspeople, and continued to work to raise their profiles for years to come.

Mack also gained membership in the founding committee and the steering committee for 5D: The Future of Immersive Design as well as in the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the Association of Independent Commercial Producers.