Tomi Lahren Claims Glenn Beck Fired Her for Pro-Choice Views

Tomi Lahren Suspended

Tomi Lahren has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Glenn Beck and TheBlaze, claiming that she was fired after an appearance on “The View,” in which she said she was pro-choice.

In the lawsuit, filed in Dallas County Court in Texas, Lahren claims that Beck and others associated with TheBlaze engaged in a “smear” campaign by “chastising her political views and opinions in a clear attempt to embarrass, humiliate, and undermine” her “reach to her audience on social media and elsewhere.”

She claims that after the March 17 appearance on “The View,” she was informed that she was suspended and was “in shock” for the employment sanction “for freely expressing her opinions, which certainly reconcile with what is the law of the land in the United States i.e., a woman’s constitutional right to choose” and were “in no way consistent” with her obligations under her employment agreement.

But several days later, according to her lawsuit, she got another call from human resources that her employment contract was terminated although she would continue to be paid. Her agreement runs through Sept. 30, according to the lawsuit.

Her suit claims that she “was told that she was to remain silent, she was directed to stay away from her Facebook page and other  social media, and she was prohibited from making any public comments. Distilled to its essence, Defendants wrongly insisted, with no legal support, that Plaintiff ‘go dark’ on social media.”

The suit claims that employees of TheBlaze even stretched yellow caution tape on the door to her office and dressing room.

TheBlaze issued a statement to the media saying that “it is puzzling that an employee who remains under contract (and is still being paid) has sued us for being fired, especially when we continue to comply fully with the terms of our agreement with her.”

But in her lawsuit, Lahren claims that TheBlaze’s legal counsel tried to “put the genie back in the proverbial bottle” by taking the position after-the-fact that she was only suspended and that Beck “had the right to manipulate” her by blocking access to her Facebook followers and listeners.

Lahren is seeking a declaration that she was wrongfully terminated without cause, that her contract was breached, and that she is not bound by the pact and can seek other employment with a competitor. She also claims that a non-disclosure agreement is not valid because it was signed after she was employed and without any new consideration.

She also is seeking a temporary restraining order and injunction prohibiting any effort by TheBlaze and Beck to block her freedom speech, including from giving political commentary or commenting on the lawsuit, or from accessing social media.