Liza Campbell, a British artist and writer, has spoken out about her experience with Harvey Weinstein, stating he asked her to take a bath with him in his hotel room after she met him there to discuss her career.

Her account, published in The Sunday Times, states that she started working with the Weinstein Company in 1995 as a freelance script writer after receiving a call out of the blue from Weinstein. The two met by chance in the 1980s after sharing a cab in London and crossed paths a few more times in the intervening years.

“He offered me freelance script-reading for Miramax, his company,” she wrote. “It sounded like a godsend. Soon I was sent the script of ‘Shakespeare in Love’ to summarise (sic) and critique, followed by ‘The Usual Suspects.’ And then the scripts stopped coming. I rang the Miramax offices, but nothing happened.”

A few months later, she received another call from Weinstein asking how work was going. When she explained the situation, he said, “You better come to my hotel and we’ll sort this out.”

She met him in his three-room suite at the Savoy and although there were several assistants present when she entered the suite, “suddenly all the assistants vanished.”

After they spoke for a few minutes, Campbell, who is the daughter of the late 6th Earl of Cawdor, writes that he left the room — she assumed he was going to use the restroom.

“I could hear him moving around and suddenly the sound of bath taps running. ‘What do you say we both jump in the bath?’ he hollered. I could hear the thump of shoes being taken off and felt shocked that the meeting had turned sleazy.”

As she tried to think of how to respond, he continued, “Come on, it’ll be fun. We can drink champagne. You can soap me — whaddaya say?”

Campbell writes that she said loudly, “If you come back into this room with no clothes on I’m going to f—— lose my temper.”

Campbell tried to exit the room twice but found locked doors, with the third door she tried yielding. She wrote that it took her “days to calm down from the anger [she] felt and the crushing realisation (sic) that there never was a job; only a hidden hook.”

Weinstein has become increasingly embattled since an explosive New York Times report detailed accusations of sexual harassment from multiple women stemming back decades. The producer has since taken an “indefinite” leave of absence from the Weinstein Company and issued a bizarre statement apologizing for his actions while simultaneously preparing to sue the Times for their report. He also lost two members of his legal team on Saturday.

Weinstein’s reps have not responded to Variety‘s request for comment.