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The Los Angeles Police Department said it is investigating allegations that Roman Polanski molested artist Marianne Barnard when she was 10 years old after she reported the allegations in October.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Polanski cannot be prosecuted for the crime since the statute of limitations has passed. The LAPD, however, said they continue to investigate such alleged crimes because evidence could be uncovered that may affect cases that can be prosecuted.

Barnard alleged that Polanski molested her during a 1975 photo shoot at Will Rogers State Beach, where he had her pose nude with a fur coat. At least six women have reported instances in which Polanski allegedly abused them, though Polanski’s removal from the United States to France has complicated attempts to investigate him.

Polanski denied Bernard’s accusations and through his representative said he does not know her. His flight from the country in 1977 followed pleading guilty on the charge of unlawful intercourse after having anal sex with a 13-year-old girl. Though the court indicted him for multiple crimes, including rape and sodomy, he was offered a plea deal after the victim’s family asked that she not testify in court. He served 42 days in jail before being released ahead of his sentencing date.