President Trump Slams Tax Return Report, Snoop Dogg in Early Morning Tweets

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump rattled off a series of tweets Wednesday morning that covered a smattering of topics not limited to recent reports about his tax returns, an upcoming rally in Nashville, Tenn., and music video released by Snoop Dogg.

In the video that elicited a reaction from Trump’s twitter, Snoop makes a statement about police brutality by firing a toy gun at a clown version of the president. The video was inspired by the death of Philando Castile.

“Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @SnoopDogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail time!” Trump wrote.

Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen told TMZ on Tuesday that Snoop owes the president an apology. “There’s absolutely nothing funny about an assassination attempt on a president, and I’m really shocked at him because I thought he was better than that,” he said.

Trump also blasted a report that aired on Rachel Maddow Tuesday evening that revealed portions of the president’s 2005 tax return. The two pages were brought to Maddow by longtime investigative reporter David Cay Johnston who said they showed up in his mailbox.

“Does anybody really believe that a reporter, who nobody ever heard of, ‘went to his mailbox’ and found my tax returns? NBC News [is] fake news!” Trump wrote on the matter.

Johnston responded on Twitter, pointing out that the White House had confirmed the return’s validity. “Gee, Donald, your White House confirmed my story. POTUS fake Tweet. Sad!” he wrote.