Few things sum up the year’s pop culture events like Halloween costumes.

Every year, Halloween party-goers look for topical characters to take the town as. 2016 saw Barbs from “Stranger Things” mingling with Harley Quinns, and this year looks like it will bring out more superheros and, of course, politics.

Be ready for more than a few Wonder Women, as the movie based on the famous superhero was a massive hit both with critics and audiences this past summer. Speaking of hits: costumes of Pennywise from “It” will be sure to provide a fright this holiday.

As far as TV shows go, “Game of Thrones” will likely remain one of the more popular inspirations for costumes, as will “The Haidmaid’s Tale” — the simple red robe and white bonnet makes for an easy last-minute look to pull together.

The Trump administration, whether it be POTUS himself or one of the ubiquitous members of his administration like Sean Spicer or Kellyanne Conway, will likely pop up as solo costumes and groups. Another popular group costume will probably be Taylor Swift… every version of her, as shown in the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video.

Which one of these 2017 pop culture costumes would you wear this Halloween? Weigh in below!

UPDATED: This poll has been closed, with Wonder Woman taking the top spot.