One2One Media Launches Analysis Tool for On-Demand Movie Consumption

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Cheyne Gateley/Variety

one2one Media, a technology company, said Thursday it has launched an in-home entertainment platform that will focus on driving rental and electronic downloads of movies from pay-TV providers.  The in-home entertainment team will be led by Karen Abram, senior vice president of, one2one.

“one2one is extending its promise of creating turnkey data-driven solutions for advertisers. Our in-home entertainment platform is a unique differentiator in the marketplace and we are excited to bring it to our movie studio partners to help them drive transaction growth,” said Jamie Power, the company’s chief operating officer, in a prepared statement. “Combining this powerful new platform with a team who has an overwhelming amount of specialized expertise will create a new industry standard for the in-home entertainment marketplace.”

The company said the new tool could help studios find consumers with a higher propensity to watch movies on-demand, and could aid in optimizing investment and revenue for on-demand movie releases.

“Movie studios have come to expect data-driven reporting and real-time analytics that best demonstrate how to optimize in-home campaigns,” said Abram, in a statement. “Our platform will help clients pinpoint necessary investments, powerful tactics and the optimum platforms to increase purchasing habits.”

The new technology will focus on advancing proprietary capabilities, including household-specific propensity testing and purchase behavior based on more than 20 different variables. These specific differentiators include movie genre, seasonality and film rating. In addition, the tool will identify and hone in on a specific movie’s estimated revenue goals by assessing expected revenue from existing renters as well as modeling potential revenue from first-time renters. one2one will leverage automation capabilities powered by Cadent Technology to increase efficiencies and enhance insights.