Norwegian cowboy actor Ryan Wiik has settled his lawsuit against his ex-lover, whom he accused of seducing him and then firing him from the production company he founded.

Wiik filed suit in March, alleging that he was betrayed by Tasmin Lucia-Khan, the BBC presenter whom he recruited to serve as CEO of WR Entertainment.

Wiik’s attorney, Neville Johnson, confirmed Wednesday that “the matter has been resolved,” but declined to comment further. Lucia-Khan’s attorney, Marvin Putnam, declined to comment.

Wiik established the company a decade ago and acquired the rights to “Morgan Kane,” a series of Western dime novels popular in Scandinavia. His intention was to play the titular hero. He recruited investors — mostly from Norway — but was unable to bring the film to fruition. Last year, he hired Lucia-Khan to run the company in anticipation of a public offering on a Norwegian stock exchange. According to his suit, Lucia-Khan maintained a sexual relationship with Wiik while allying behind his back with the Norwegian investors, many of whom felt that Wiik had defrauded them.

Wiik accused Lucia-Khan of setting him up to fail a screen test for the Kane role. After being informed that he could not play the part, he resigned from the company. He then sued Lucia-Khan alleging defamation and breach of contract.

The story made front-page headlines in Norway, where the business press chronicled each bizarre twist in the saga. In June, WR Entertainment countersued, accusing Wiik of defrauding investors and using company funds to pay personal expenses. Lucia-Khan recently filed a motion to strike the defamation claim, in which she accused Wiik of a range of sexual and financial improprieties.

Norwegian investors also filed criminal allegations of fraud against Wiik in Norway, and Wiik’s shares in the company were frozen in a Norwegian court proceeding.

In an interview with Variety last summer, Wiik said he had erred by placing Lucia-Khan in charge.

“The biggest mistake I’ve made here is I’ve trusted too much,” he said.