WASHINGTON — The FCC’s pending vote on repealing net neutrality rules was delayed on Thursday after an apparent security issue forced authorities to clear the agency’s hearing room.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai was delivering comments on his net neutrality plan when he said he had to stop because of a security concern.

A security guard then told everyone to exit into a nearby hallway, apparently as the room was inspected.

Those in the room were allowed to return after about 10 minutes.

The streaming feed continued once the room was cleared, and showed security personnel investigating the room with dogs.

The FCC’s vote has been particularly contentious, and Pai and other commissioners have reported receiving threats. There was no verbal or physical disruption of the meeting itself, although more than 100 protesters staged a demonstration in a vacant lot near the FCC’s Washington headquarters,

The FCC was considering Pai’s proposal to roll back rules that ban internet providers from blocking or throttling content, or from selling “fast lanes” to content sites who want to gain speedier access to consumers.

The agency was rolling back regulations that were put in place just over two years ago, when Democrats were in control of the FCC.