Donald Trump announced his nomination for the Supreme Court of the United States Tuesday evening.

President Trump said Judge Gorsuch possessed “outstanding legal skills, a brilliant mind, and tremendous discipline.”

“The qualifications of Judge Gorsuch are beyond dispute,” he added. “I only hope Democrats and Republicans can come together — for once — for the good of the country.”

The court of public opinion posted their reactions to the announcement on Twitter immediately.

Below are some of the notable politician and celebrity reactions to Judge Gorsuch’s nomination.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan called him a “phenomenal nominee” and said he would “uphold the constitutional right of religious liberty.”

Ted Cruz added, “Our country desperately needs #SCOTUS justices who revere the Constitution and are willing to elevate it over their own personal preferences.”

Florida Representative Lois Frankel was one of the few dissenting voices to tweet immediately after the announcement, writing “[Republicans] hijacked @POTUS44‘s choice for #SCOTUS & now Trump is bowing to his extreme supporters. Gorsuch will tip court in a dangerous direction.

California Representative Brad Sherman agreed. “7 in 10 Americans do NOT support @POTUS relentless quest to strike down Roe v Wade,” Sherman wrote. “I fear #Gorsuch is part of that effort.”

Celebrities were largely quiet, but a few use the occasion for humor.

’80s actor Judge Reinhold, tweeted a hilarious one message response: “crushed.”

Comedian Patton Oswalt posted, “Why is “Gorsuch” trending? Why the sudden interest in my D&D demi-liche necromancer character?”

Mark Cuban had an idea of how Democrats could negotiate.