Movie marketer Mob Scene announced this week it has acquired Gin + Tonic Labs, a year-old entertainment company with expertise in building social media followings for top influencers and talent.

The acquisition, for which Mob Scene paid an undisclosed sum, will give the company access to an in-house team of social media branding experts who can help them tailor movie marketing content to various social-media platforms.

“The way to reach the consumer is changing so dramatically especially with the coming of social media,” said Jason Groff, executive vice president of operations at Mob Scene.

“Social media means that we can reach an audience in a much different way,” said Groff.

Mob Scene, founded in 2006, is a full-service marketing firm that cuts trailers and produces behind-the-scenes footage to promote films like “Hidden Figures,” “Logan” and “Deadpool.”

“The conversation isn’t, will there be trailers (going forward),” Groff said. “What a trailer looks like will be adapting… You could take a trailer and you can reconstruct it and take parts that can work on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.”

Mike Spitz, founder of Gin + Tonic, said his company has learned to be adaptable and adjust its strategy to respond to how consumers interact with social media platforms. Different platforms call for different ways of engagement. With social media, marketers can tailor content to very specific audiences.

“Gone are the days where you’re trying to create the best possible TV spot,” Spitz said. “You have to make a trailer as broad as possible. Now with social media we can refine it.”

Gin + Tonic will retain its name and become a division of Mob Scene.