Jennifer Lopez Sued for Failing to Promote Hoverboards on Social Media

Jennifer Lopez

A hoverboard manufacturer has filed a lawsuit against Jennifer Lopez for failing to promote its product on Instagram and Twitter.

Lopez signed the deal to promote the products back in late 2015, at the height of the hoverboard craze. According to the claim, Sidekick Group provided 42 custom hoverboards for use in the entertainer’s Planet Hollywood show in Las Vegas.

Lopez did tweet about the product once, on May 26, 2016, posting a video of her dancers performing atop the boards while she sang “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” in the center.

“The #AllIHave dancers killing it on their @SideKickWheels,” she posted, along with a link to Sidekick’s website and the hashtag #JLoVegas. She kicked off her “All I Have” Vegas residence in January 2016.

However, under the agreement, Lopez agreed to post about the hoverboards at least once every three months on either Twitter or Instagram.

The lawsuit alleges that the hoverboards were selling for $1,295 each at the time. The suit seeks damages of $54,390, or the retail value of 42 hoverboards.