Jeff Fenster, the Warner Bros Records EVP of A&R who was recently accused of sexual misconduct by a female former executive, will step down from the company, a source close to the situation confirmed to Variety. Fenster and another, unnamed, executive were called out in a letter sent by the former staffer that was leaked to the press.

The woman made her allegations in a letter to the company a few weeks after her departure. The more serious allegations were against Fenster; the woman also accused WMG CEO Stephen Cooper of making an inappropriate remark at a party, the source confirmed. WMG declined to comment.

A company-wide memo sent out by parent company Warner Music Group’s head of human resources on Friday warned employees of impending media articles about allegations against WMG employees — and confirmed that “some of the allegations were found to be true,” leading to “appropriate disciplinary actions against the relevant employees.”

The employees in question went unnamed in the memo signed by Maria Osherova, WMG’s human resources EVP.

“As you would expect, we treated these concerns very seriously, and appointed an independent investigator to conduct a review,” the memo reads in part. “Some of the accusations were found to be true and, as a consequence, we are in the process of taking the appropriate disciplinary actions against the relevant employees. The press coverage regarding this matter will likely mention that our CEO, Steve Cooper, was accused of making an inappropriate remark at a party…. Each one of us at WMG plays an important role in maintaining a positive and productive workplace free from any form of harassment or discrimination. Our Code of Conduct details the high standards expected of everyone who works at the company. Early next year, we are rolling out a revised version of our Code.”

The investigation is ongoing, the source said.