James Cromwell has been sentenced to jail following his arrest during a power plant protest in New York back in 2015, according to the Times-Herald Record. The Emmy-winning actor will face seven days behind bars after refusing to pay fines levied against him after his initial arrest.

A Wawayanda, N.Y., court decided on Thursday that New York resident Cromwell and two other environmental activists will spend a week in jail in July. Cromwell will serve his time in Orange County Jail.

Pramilla Malick, Madeline Shaw, and three other protesters were arrested alongside the 77-year-old in December 2015 when they staged a sit-in at a Competitive Power Ventures natural gas site. All six were charged with obstruction of traffic, a violation.

Wawayanda Town Justice Timothy McElduff Jr. fined each of them $250 plus a $125 surcharge, originally due to be paid by Thursday. However, only three of the six — Terri Klemm, Naomi Miller, and Maureen Murphy-Smolka — paid their fines on time.

Cromwell originally had until 3:15 p.m. PT Friday to change his mind, or else report to OCJ by 5 p.m. PT. However, the defendants now have until July 14 to fork over their $375 following an appeal.

“If we don’t stay together, nothing will change,” Cromwell told the Times-Herald Record after refusing to pay his fine on Thursday. “Power to the people.”

Cromwell’s credits include “Babe,” “The Green Mile,” “L.A. Confidential,” and “American Horror Story: Asylum,” to name a few.