Harvey Weinstein’s Former Assistant Prepping Sexual Harassment Suit

Harvey Weinstein
Steve Meddle/REX/Shutterstock

A former assistant to Harvey Weinstein who says she was compelled to provide him with erectile dysfunction drugs is preparing to sue him for sexual harassment, Variety has learned.

Sandeep Rehal will allege that she was “sexually harassed throughout her employment,” according to a statement provided to Variety. She intends to file suit in federal court in New York within the next couple of weeks.

“Sexual harassment includes verbal harassment, physical harassment, offensive material and demands, unwanted touching, and many other actions that create a toxic work environment based on gender,” said her attorney, Genie Harrison. “No one should have to endure what Ms. Rehal experienced at the hands of Harvey Weinstein.”

Rehal was quoted in an 8,000-word story in the New York Times on Tuesday, in which she said she had to keep the mogul supplied with Caverject, an injectable drug for erectile dysfunction. Sometimes she would provide the drug shortly before hotel meetings with women, she told the Times.

Rehal worked for the Weinstein Company for almost two years, and left in February 2015 due to the “intolerable work environment,” Harrison said.

Rehal confided to Irwin Reiter, who oversaw the company’s finances, that she was told to rent a furnished apartment for Weinstein and use the company credit card to stock it with bathrobes, flowers, and women’s lingerie, according to the Times story. That and other disclosures prompted Reiter to confront Weinstein and to take his concerns to the board.

In a statement responding to the Times story, Weinstein’s attorneys, Blair Berk and Ben Brafman, said Weinstein did not bill personal expenses to the company.

“At no time during his tenure at either Miramax or TWC did Mr. Weinstein ever utilize company resources for personal expenditures, and in the few instances where there was any confusion, Mr. Weinstein immediately reimbursed the company out of his own pocket,” the attorneys said.

Weinstein’s representatives did not immediately respond to Rehal’s sexual harassment claims.