The wildly entertaining and endlessly inspirational documentary “Good Fortune,” from husband-and-wife filmmaking team Joshua Tickell and Rebecca Harrell Tickell, is one of those efforts that feels too good to be true. Available on iTunes and Amazon, the film focuses on the life of Paul Mitchell hair products entrepreneur John Paul DeJoria, who has become a worldwide philanthropist and entrepreneur, having invested his fortune in numerous businesses, while founding the high-end tequila label Patron.

“Good Fortune” explores the idea of the American dream and all its possibilities, with the filmmakers putting a new spin on an old theme. “JP is living proof that if you don’t give up, success has a way of finding you,” Tickell says. “What impressed us was how he’d roll up his sleeves and get busy. He’s always searching for the positive, and he gets more accomplished in an hour than some people do in an entire week.”

It’s that work ethic that inspired the filmmakers. “It was a challenge to get JP to stop doing work, because he’s so engaged,” Harrell Tickell says. “He never stops going, and we were blown away by his compassion towards strangers, especially the homeless. Whether it’s 4 a.m. in Europe or 10 a.m. in Los Angeles, he’s always ‘on’ and that’s something that pushed us as a creative team.”

“Good Fortune” frequently shows DeJoria in scenes of intense altruism, something that was not lost on the filmmakers, and shows his innate love for animals and their welfare.

“In the last few years, billionaires haven’t exactly had the best reputation, but JP is the real deal whether the cameras were on or not,” says Harrell Tickell. “He’s genuine and he cares about so many worldwide issues.”

It’s obvious that the Tickells have become inspired by their subject. “JP is investing in projects that can help to shape our world,” says Tickell, who adds that DeJoria has executive produced their latest project. The upcoming environmental documentary “Kiss the Ground” also has Leonardo DiCaprio as producer and Woody Harrelson as narrator.

“Art has the capacity to educate and inspire, so we hope that this project will help to shed even more light on an important subject and get people talking about what they can do,” Harrell Tickell says.