Trump’s Inauguration Will Have ‘Soft Sensuality’ Rather Than Stars, Says Tom Barrack

Trump's Inauguration Will Have "Soft Sensuality,"

Tom Barrack, the founder of Colony Capital who is leading President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration committee, told reporters on Tuesday that the event will have a “soft sensuality” and “poetic cadence.”

Barrack, responding to a question about whether he was concerned over the apparent dearth of performers set to show up for the events, said, according to Buzzfeed, “We’re fortunate in that we have the greatest celebrity in the world, which is the president-elect; side by side is the current president. … So what we’ve done instead of trying to surround him with what people consider A-listers is we are going to surround him with the soft sensuality of the place. It’s a much more poetic cadence than having a circus-like celebration that’s a coronation.”

He told reporters that the “cadence of it is going to be, ‘let me get back to work.'”

Trump on Sunday told the New York Times that “we are going to have an unbelievable, perhaps record-setting turnout for the inauguration, and there will be plenty of movie and entertainment stars.” But a number of performers have publicly stated that they would not participate, and such talent as Elton John and Garth Brooks have declined offers. Andrea Bocelli met with Trump last month, but he too will not perform. Those on the lineup include Jackie Evancho, a contestant on “America’s Got Talent,” who said she will be singing the National Anthem, as well as the Rockettes and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Barrack said that Trump would be “mostly abiding by tradition” in the inaugural events.

“He really wanted it to be about the people, not about him. … His instruction to me was the campaign is over, I am now president for all the people. I want you to build a bridge and tie them back in. I want to heal the wounds and I want to get back to work on Saturday morning.”

Barrack quipped that his role in planning the inaugural festivities was the “worst job in America.”

“He gave the best job in America to all the bright people, he gave the party to me,” he said.

Reality super producer Mark Burnett, who helped put Trump on the national stage with “The Apprentice,” is serving as an unofficial advisor to Trump’s inaugural committee. But on Tuesday, he was working in a different arena as he ushered billionaire biotech entrepreneur Patrick Soon-Shiong into Trump Tower for a meeting with Trump transition team officials that was believed to center on health care policy.

Soon-Shiung is a prominent Los Angeles-based doctor who invented the cancer drug Abraxane. He has a net worth of $8.8 billion, according to Forbes.