Donald Trump Inauguration Recap: Ceremony, Controversy and Civil Unrest

Donald Trump

Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on Friday in an inauguration ceremony that went mostly smoothly.

Outside the official ceremony, protesters took to the streets of D.C., clashing at times with law enforcement and counter-protesters.

The culmination of the inauguration was Trump’s address, where he repeated many of the populist statements that he used on the campaign trail, ending with his now infamous slogan, “Make America Great Again!”

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The Scene at the President Trump’s Swearing-in

President Trump’s Inaugural Address: A Populist Appeal to the ‘Forgotten’

While many Trump supporters may have found his words inspiring, some members of press found the speech to be “divisive and dark.”

TV Anchors Take Wary View of Trump Inauguration Speech

The internet had a field day with the speech, comparing it to a fictional villain’s speech from “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Donald Trump Inauguration Address Compared to Batman Villain Bane’s Speech

While the transfer of power was taking place at the capitol, there was also one on social media. President Obama made a series of optimistic tweets before the official @POTUS account was switched over to Donald Trump.

Barack Obama’s Final Tweet as President: ‘I Believe in Change’

The Twitter transfer didn’t go smoothly, as observant followers realized the cover image for Trump’s new account was actually from Obama’s inauguration.

Trump Administration Takes Over @POTUS Twitter Account, Uses Cover Photo From Obama’s Inauguration

Online criticism came elsewhere, especially Hollywood.

Hollywood Reacts to Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Shia LaBeouf Launches Four-Year-Long Trump Protest Live Stream With Jaden Smith

On Inauguration Day, Sundance Film Festival Experiences Trump Aversion Syndrome

And even Variety’s own TV critic.

Trump’s Inauguration, America’s Destiny and the Triumph of the Thrill

After the inauguration ceremony, Trump kept with tradition.

President Trump Walks Briefly Along Inaugural Parade Route

But even the parade was met with protest.

Protests Turn Violent Blocks From Inaugural Parade Route

The civil unrest only escalated as inauguration day dragged on.

At Least 95 Arrested, Limousine Set on Fire in Post-Inauguration Trump Protests

As the sun settles in D.C. and the President and First Lady head to the official inaugural balls, another day of protest is planned for Saturday, both in Washington, D.C. and around the nation.