PopPolitics: Dmitry Glukhovsky on Putin’s Real Motivation Behind Supporting Trump (Listen)

Vladimir Putin

Russian author and journalist Dmitry Glukhovsky thinks that the real Russian strategy behind supporting Donald Trump “so openly” during the election was a desire to highlight the imperfections of the American electoral process.

In an interview with Variety‘s “PopPolitics” on SiriusXM, Glukhovsky said that he thinks “the main target in the elections was actually to show how the American election system was imperfect and how little right Americans have to criticize the upcoming Russian elections.”

The “real intention,” he says, was to try to show that the American system “was as rigged as ours.”

But part of that hinged on Hillary Clinton, not Trump, winning. As Trump had argued before the election that the system was “rigged,” Glukhovsky says that the spin from Vladimir Putin’s regime would have been that her victory was “the ultimate proof of the corruption of the American political system.”

“No one thought Donald Trump had a realistic chance of winning the election, but he did,” he says.

Glukhovsky’s science fiction novel “Metro 2033” is being adapted into a feature film, and he recently published the third in the series, “Metro 2035.”

Glukhovsky describes Putin’s regime not as a dictatorship, but as an “authoritarian private corporation regime,” and says that the Russian intervention into Syria was motivated by a desire to distract from the protracted war in the Ukraine.

But he says that Putin may now find himself wishing that Clinton had won in that “it is much better to have a predictable adversary” than one who is difficult to read. With Trump’s reversal on whether the U.S. should take action in Syria, that is proving to be especially true.

Listen below:

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