Democrat Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate race Tuesday, beating out Republican Roy Moore, who had come under fire after multiple women claimed that Moore pursued sexual relations with them when they were teenagers in a Washington Post article.

Numerous celebrities had come out against Moore before the election, and several celebrated the news of Jones’ election via Twitter.

“The Big Sick” star Kumail Nanjiani joked that his Lyft driver was playing Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight,” and wrote, “I’m reading news of Doug Jones’s victory and this is a pretty good night.”


Alyssa Milano encouraged Jones supporters to continue the fight, tweeting “Enjoy this night celebrating our [Doug Jones] win. Dance like no one is watching. Tomorrow we wake up a fight again. Next up? #SaveNetNeutrality and #TaxScamBill.”

Piper Perabo tweeted a picture of herself smiling at a Doug Jones rally and thanked Alabama.

Comedia Wanda Sykes wrote, “I will say to my daughter, ‘Good morning SweetPea, the world is a little bit better.’ My son, ‘Keep being a good guy.’ #Alabama #DougJones”

Stephen Colbert joked that “according to Alabama state law, Roy Moore now has to eat his horse.” Moore had drawn attention for riding his horse to the ballot box.

“Selma” director Ava DuVernay tweeted her appreciation to the city, which was a significant contributor to Jones’ win.

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