Ex-Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Saturday after the organization convened an emergency meeting to determine the fate of the disgraced movie producer.

Celebrities took to Twitter to express their satisfaction with the judgement, as well as call for continuing action against others.

“The Big Bang Theory” producer Bill Prady likened Weinstein to Trump: “Here’s the difference: the movie academy voted Weinstein out. The GOP voted Trump in.”

Emmy Rossum tweeted her pleasure with the decision, writing, “Amen, the academy!!!”

Josh Gad also addressed another perceived obstacles, tweeting, “So now that we’ve dealt with Weinstein what are we going to do about Trump?”

“Proud of the Academy!” wrote Mia Farrow, whose son Ronan authored the New Yorker expose. “There are others- but hopefully we are witnessing the end of an awful era.”

Ron Perlman wrote, “As a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences I am proud of their decision to expel Harvey Weinstein.”

Rene Auberjonois wrote, “Now that the Academy has acted, it’s time for Congress to step up and remove the Predator in Chief.”