Creative Artists Agency took the unusual step on Thursday of filing a federal suit against University of Arizona football coach Rich Rodriguez to collect unpaid fees.

Rodriguez, who made a reported $2.9 million in 2016, allegedly owes the agency $230,250. In the suit, CAA says it negotiated Rodriguez’s initial contract with the University of Arizona in 2011, as well as two renewal agreements. The agency also negotiated a deal for Rodriguez to appear as an analyst on CBS Sports.

Rodriguez fired CAA in the fall of 2015, after the agency negotiated his third employment agreement, according to the suit. Since then, the coach has refused to pay the agency’s commission.

“Although Rodriguez terminated the relationship, this termination did not eliminate his obligation to pay the required fees for CAA’s work performed on his behalf,” the suit alleges. “CAA attempted to resolve the dispute with Rodriguez’s attorney prior to filing suit. Rodriguez’s attorney refused to negotiate. Rodriguez’s attorney claimed that Rodriguez terminated the Agreement between Rodriguez and CAA.”

In addition to the $230,250 that Rodriguez already owes, the agency alleges he will owe another $357,000 in commissions over the course of his contract.

The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages, attorney’s fees, and interest, as well as punitive damages “in an amount sufficient to punish Rodriguez and to deter him and other similarly situated from engaging in similar conduct in the future.”