Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Case Ends in Mistrial After Jury Deadlocks

Bill Cosby Verdict

NORRISTOWN, Pa. –  Bill Cosby walked out of court a free man Saturday — not because he was cleared of sexual assault charges — but because a jury decided that it could not reach a verdict on charges that he drugged and molested a woman at his home outside Philadelphia in early 2004.

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele immediately announced he would retry the case against the legendary entertainer, and Judge Steven O’Neill said the trial would be within the next three or four months.

“We will evaluate and review our case. We will take a hard look at everything involved and then we will retry it,” Steele said at a news conference. He confirmed that the alleged victim, Andrea Constand, would testify again at the new trial. “She’s entitled to a verdict in this case,” said Steele.  “We will press forward to try to get that done, to get justice done.”

Cosby, who turns 80 next month, was subdued and seemed almost dazed when O’Neill declared the mistrial. The Hollywood icon left the courtroom without comment after sitting in his chair at the defense table for several minutes, simply gazing outward. At one point, counselor Angela Agrusa patted him on the shoulder.

He remains free on bail pending the new trial.

It took 52 hours for the predominantly white jury of seven men and five women to decide that it could not decide the case. “We, the jury, are deadlocked on all counts,” said the note read by O’Neill on Saturday morning. Defense lawyer Brian McMonagle moved for a mistrial — as he has done at numerous points during five days of deliberations — but this time, O’Neill granted the request.


Andrew Wyatt raises his fist as Bill Cosby exits the Montgomery County Courthouse after a mistrial was declared in Norristown, Pa., Saturday, June 17, 2017.   Cosby's trial ended without a verdict after jurors failed to reach a unanimous decision. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Cosby Spokesman: ‘Johnnie Cochran Is Looking Down Smiling’

And so a trial that was probably the biggest celebrity prosecution since the murder trial of O.J. Simpson in 1995 has ended without a final outcome. Constand, a massage therapist now living in Canada, was in the courtroom for the mistrial and hugged other alleged victims when the proceeding ended.

The judge, meanwhile, assured the panel members — whose identities remain sealed by court order — that he appreciated their efforts throughout the two-week trial.

“I will forever hold you dear in my heart and be grateful for what you have done for the justice system,” the judge told the jurors, who were selected last month in Pittsburgh and have been sequestered here since the trial began June 5.

He added that jurors should be proud of how they handled the case even though they could not reach a unanimous verdict. “Do not in any way feel that you have let the justice system down,” the judge told them.

Cosby was charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault, all focusing on the alleged assault of Andrea Constand, 44, who was then manager of the women’s basketball team at Temple University, where Cosby was a member of the board of trustees. The criminal complaint was filed in December 2015,  just days before Pennsylvania’s 12-year statute of limitations was due to expire.

The entertainer, who had an endearing reputation as “America’s Dad” from his years as the lovable Cliff Huxtable on “The Cosby Show,” faces up to ten years in prison on each of the three counts.

Constand is just one of dozens of women who have accused Cosby of giving them pills and then sexually assaulting them  but she is the only woman whose alleged assault became the focus of criminal charges. The lack of a verdict left some of those other women, who have attended the trial, a bit dejected, but they and women’s right lawyer Gloria Allred pledged to continue to seek justice.

“It’s extremely emotional,” said Jewel Allison, a New York woman who has said that Cosby assaulted her, as she prepared to leave the courthouse.

Allred said she believes that justice will prevail.  “It’s too early to celebrate, Mr. Cosby. Round Two may be just around the corner,” she said at a news conference outside the Montgomery County Courthouse.


Bill Cosby mistrial Camille Cosby

Camille Cosby on Mistrial: ‘Truth Can Be Subdued, But Not Destroyed’

The verdict came five days after spirited closing arguments in which Cosby was alternately portrayed as a man so intent on having sex with Constand that he used drugs to render her incapacitated, and as a man who had been framed by Constand and others in hopes of reaping monetary settlements in civil suits.

The alleged assault that sparked the charges took place in early 2004 after Cosby invited Constand to his home in Elkins Park, just outside Philadelphia, to discuss her career plans. Constand testified that she was planning to leave her job at Temple and embark on a new career plan and had been feeling stressed.

She said that Cosby brought her three blue pills, saying they would help her relax and assuring her they were safe. Reluctantly, she said, she took the pills because she trusted him as a friend and mentor, but soon, she felt whoozy and had blurry vision. She testified the entertainer led her to a couch and she quickly became incapacitated as Cosby groped her breasts, inserted his finger in her and put her hand on his penis.

“I was frozen,” she told the jury last week.  “I wanted it to stop.”

Agrusa, in a painstaking cross-examination, sought to portray Constand as a woman who had changed her story so often she should not be believed.

For the last two weeks, the plaza outside the courthouse in this economically challenged county seat has been the staging area for media organizations from around the nation and Canada, and more than 100 journalists have been covering the trial and scores of members of the public, including some of the women who have accused Cosby of assaulting them, have attended.

Cosby, who has been described as legally blind, has been supported by longtime friends and a few actors, including Keisha Knight Pulliam, who played Cosby’s TV daughter, Rudy, on “The Cosby Show,” which remained popular as the show continued to be shown as reruns long after the TV series ended in 1992. His wife, Camille, was in the courtroom briefly when the defense rested its case.


Bill Cosby

Lena Dunham, Kumail Nanjiani, Alleged Victim React to Bill Cosby Mistrial

The hung jury outcome was not unexpected. On Thursday, after about 30 hours of deliberations, said it was deadlocked on all three counts, but O’Neill directed the panel to resume discussions and try again to reach a verdict.  On Friday, the jurors appeared to be doing just that.  They asked a series of questions throughout the day, but on Saturday, shortly after they were to resume deliberations, it became clear that there would be no verdict.

O’Neill asked each juror if the impasse was impossible to resolve.

“Do you agree there is a hopeless deadlock that cannot be resolved by further deliberations?” he asked each juror. One by one, each one said yes.

Later, after the jury was out of the room, O’Neill said the trial was the “largest undertaking in probably the history of this county” and thanked public and the news media for their good behavior in the courtroom.

Both prosecution and the defense will likely take a hard look at how the case was presented. Steele said he and prosecutors Kristen Feden and M. Stewart Ryan “will evaluate and review” the case. “We will take a hard look at everything involved, and then we will retry it.”

Steele said it was important to resolve the case.

“This case is about a drug-facilitated sexual assault and it doesn’t matter what you look like or who you are. Our job is to follow the evidence where it takes us. We have done that,” said Steele.

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  1. David H says:

    Dr. Cosby you are being railroaded. You don’t deserve to be treated as a political football. Your family has been mistreated big time. If the good man Mr. Castor won the election this would not be happening period. The world is round. Don’t worry you will prevail I just know it. Keep your head up…Your fan David h. From PA

  2. tjchurch2001 says:

    When they told Bill it was a mistrial, his reaction was, “What hotel is Miss Trial staying in & what is her favorite drink?”

  3. joeyr says:

    The truth will be known Mrs Cosby when there is a new trial and your husband is found guilty. There is such a thing as Karma and your family will soon get theirs

  4. joeyr says:

    Use the race card when you are guilty. When over 50 women file complaints that means you did it. Tell the truth and be a man if that is what you are. You could have died knowing you were a comedian, but now you will die with everyone knowing you are nothing but a dirty pervert. Your wife and daughters should be ashamed to be your family.

  5. Jeff Pollard says:

    This smiling-idiot’s time is coming!

  6. Rick says:

    Just another guilty black guy let go by a jury of ”his peers”. Shame on the ”black community” .
    O.J. Simpson? Maybe the women activist should go rioting, burning cars, stores and stealing TV’s
    Just a thought…

    • It took 52 hours for the predominantly white jury of seven men and five women to decide that it could not decide the case. “We, the jury, are deadlocked on all counts,” said the note read by O’Neill on Saturday morning. Defense lawyer Brian McMonagle moved for a mistrial — as he has done at numerous points during five days of deliberations — but this time, O’Neill granted the request.

      Why does the “black community” need to be ashamed? According to this paragraph that I just pulled out of the above article, the blame needs to be placed on the “predominantly WHITE JURY”!

      • tjchurch2001 says:

        Why does the race or gender of any juror matter?! That is a rhetorical question, as it doesn’t. What matters is the reason(s) we may never know that they couldn’t all agree on all final verdicts, which likely has less to do with race or gender than it does with the fact they all knew he was guilty, but they were unable to try him regarding the other victims, & knew there was no way he would get the jail time & fines he rightfully deserves.

    • Joe says:

      I read that it’s an all-white or mostly white jury…so it’s not black folks trying to “save” one of theirs. Most black people actually don’t like Cosby.

    • Bill jones says:


  7. D says:

    Just like HOLLYWOOD get away with EVERTHING. GO FIGURE

  8. D says:

    Who agreed and who didn’t.. What was the deadlock. Numbers from jurors please

  9. B. Jones says:

    The hung jury was based on the black jurors voting in favor of Cosby. Nothing more and nothing less. I was a prosecutor for 33 years, and know firsthand of which I speak.

  10. Cecil B da Mill says:

    Maybe we can get nice guy Cos to give us another talk about the great things you can do with Spanish fly and booze with a women? Animals in the jungles have more respect for each other. Do the right thing you piece of shit and take the honorable way out and fall on a sword.

  11. Cecil B da Mill says:

    33 women, are you kidding me? and he walks. I want to hear what Chelsea Handler the big mouth calling Trump an abuser of women has to say.

    • Kea says:

      So you are justifying the killing of nine people in a church because Bill Cosby had a mistrial. Can we also justify Timothy McVeigh bombing innocence children and adults? Let’s go ahead and forgive the lunatic in the Sandy Hook massacre. Oh wait, let’s not stop there, the two idiots who committed the Columbine murders didn’t have many friends, so it was fine for them to gun down their classmates.

      I would call you a troll, but I don’t want to insult trolls. Your commentary was the most despicable thing that I have read on the internet in a long time.

  12. Kea says:

    One of the accusations against Trump is the raping if a thirteen year old girl in 1994. Along with numerous other incidents of sexually assaulting women. If you grab a women by her genitals or kiss her without permission that is sexual assault. So if you are so disgusted at Cosby, you should be equally disgusted with your president.

    • Yo mama says:

      Trump didnt actually grab a woman by her genitals or kiss a woman will out permission you idiot. Cosby ACTUALLY did drug and rape women.

      • tjchurch2001 says:

        Trump grabbed many women inappropriately without permission & admitted it on the much-discussed tapes, you idiot! Regardless, that means nothing in this situation!

    • Kaboom! says:

      That accusation was proven many times to be false and fake news. Are you so ignorant that you can’t tell the truth? Stop spreading lies. You are truly disgusting.

      • Kea says:

        You have proved my point, two rich men were accused of sexually assaulting women and neither has been convicted. You heard Trump say that he grabs women by the genitals and you are calling me disgusting. A woman he had a business lunch with stated he reached under the table and grabbed her genitals. That’s why he bragged about it to Billy Bush, that was something he had actually done.
        It’s funny how people are trying to compare this to O.J. Simpson, but the actor Robert Blake killed his wife and he’s a free man today, I guess her life didn’t matter since she wasn’t married to a football player. I never hear a peep about him. Hmm, I wonder why?

  13. cindi wade says:

    Get him on trial number two. O.J. all over again. What a shame. Justice will prevail.

  14. karl moore says:

    A Cosby fan or not! Don’t come to me with a bullshit case from 2004 without any evidence!

    • I totally agree ! Question why would you accept money if you were raped ? I was abused I didn’t tell anyone I was embarrassed however I will tell you that I rather see that piece of shit Rotting in hell by my hands than accept any thing from them . This bitch that’s accusing bill wanted more money he refused to pay her more and then what it happened in 2004 it was 2016 when she decided to go to the cops .

  15. Timely Comnent says:

    Hung juries will be hung juries. Cosby fans are bleating their joy at this acquittal.

    It’s a triumph for judicial finesse in the legalese definition of “consent” and the lingering odor of celebrity v criminal notoriety in court cases.

    Bill Cosby still will be historically “judged” by people from now on— revelations of his sexist druggings of younger women WHILE HE WAS MARRIED will taint his remerkable Black Rights accomplishments. He escaped this particular legal case against him— fame IS a good “defense” or (the very least) mitigate sentences— but there’ll be many others…

    So when do the Civil cases start?

  16. Dana Murrell says:

    Good for you Mr Cosby you’re still # 1 in my book

  17. cowgirldiva says:

    This appears to be a case of not only he said/ she said but also a case of too little, too late on the part of the woman/women who were allegedly sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby…! If they were, in fact, really sexually assaulted WHY didn’t they come forward years, and years ago and make their cases then..!??

    I don’t know the answer to that, but I do wonder just how many women out there said “NO” to a man’s sexual advances and the man blatantly ignored their “NO”..!! I would say that number would be in the millions…!! I also wonder of these millions of women just how many of them continued to have a relationship with the same men who ignored their “NO”…!!??

    Now, the man throws booze and pills into the mix in order to facilitate his sexual advances and render a woman helpless and this takes the man’s blatant behavior to a whole new level..!! What I do know is there are over 60 women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault….!!! That’s a lot of women accusing the same man..!! Is there a pattern of behavior here on Bill Cosby’s part…??? I’m thinking the answer is YES…!!!

  18. MANNIE says:


  19. G Martin says:

    He is a serial rapist. Anyone who denies that is just as guilty. He needs the needle. Hopeful someone will do some street justices and end this for everyone.

    • Kaboom! says:

      I’ll interject the usual liberal comment to your accusation….”Prove It”. Nothing has been proven yet. Until that time, anyone who accepts that accusation without definitive proof is guilty of rape too. By the way, before you accuse me of being guilty, I think rape is disgusting. Many get away with it, thats bad, but many are accused of it without it being true, thats bad also.

  20. He is too old, too many years has passed since he supposedly committed the activities. It will not serve any good objective by committing him into any prison. If the objective was to set an example of him, then I suggest a financial penalty of several hundred millions of dollars all allocated to support of children who had been victims of sexual abuse would be more appropriate.

    • cowgirldiva says:

      WHAT..?? HUH..!? So, what you’re saying is if a person is advanced in years they should not be placed in prison for their crimes..?? Are you including old murderers and old child molesters in that group, too…?? PLEASE..!!

      • krumhorn says:

        How about some convict-able evidence? It’s not that he shouldn’ be convicted at his age. It’s just that there isn’t enough evidence. And pattern of behavior is not admissible as evidence except in very narrow circumstances.

        12 years later on the word of a disappointed slut is too little and way too late. How about some fundamental fairness?

        – Krumhorn

  21. jessie jamerson says:

    To bad he ain’t white. Then he could run for president.

  22. Jsne. Marshall says:

    Really how could you take any of these women seriously through the years it’s been known that young actresses have slept around with managers producers so on to try and get ahead.

    I am not excusing Cosby at all he’s a married man and should have kept his pants on. I could care less about the trial actually but I would really like to know why after so many years did these women decide to take a stance?

  23. The end to the criminal trial of Bill Cosby is not surprising, and may well be the result of jury nullification; a perfectly lawful doctrine which has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, and which some prominent blacks have championed, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf, who correctly predicted the outcome of several jury nullification cases, including this one.
    Under the doctrine of jury nullification, a jury (or any individual member of the jury) may refuse to vote for a conviction no matter how clear and compelling the evidence, if it is believed that a guilty verdict and punishment would be unfair, or that the public interest would be better served by not convicting.
    It was used, for example, by many Northern juries to find people not guilty for helping runaway slaves escape, but it was also used by Southern juries to free white defendants who had unlawfully harmed or even killed blacks.
    Many believe that O.J. Simpson and Marion Barry were beneficiaries of nullification, in large part because of their race. The latter was particularly clear because videotape showed Barry using crack.
    Some prominent African Americans have advocated using jury nullification as a weapon against what they see as unfairness to blacks.
    For example, law professor Paul Butler argues that “jury nullification gives jurors a special power to send the message that black lives matter. If they think that the police are treating African Americans unfairly – by engaging in racial profiling or using excessive force – they don’t have to convict, even if think the defendant is guilty.”
    More recently, AboveTheLaw columnist Elie Mystal suggested that “Black people lucky enough to get on a jury could use [jury nullification] to acquit any person charged with a crime against white men and white male institutions” and thereby create “chaos in the prosecutor’s office.”
    Cosby’s situation, of course, does not seem to fit neatly into either situation, since there is virtually no suggestion of racial profiling, and some of Cosby’s accusers are African American.
    But some may think it’s unfair that only two of the twelve jurors are black, and Cosby and some family members have themselves suggested that there is a racial element to his prosecution (Dad is a “civil rights activist” who has “been publicly lynched in the media.”).
    In addition, one or more jurors, white as well as black, might feel that it would be very harmful to African American at this time in American history, and to the entire issue of racial harmony, to convict someone who, like O.J. Simpson, was a pioneer, hero, shining example, and role model for blacks.
    Others, remembering him as the sweet lovable America’s dad Dr. Cliff Huxtable, may simply find it too hard to shake that image, and replace it with the image of a felon who deserves to spend the rest of his life blind and in prison. Cognitive dissonance may play a role.
    There is, of course, the possibility that jurors might simply disagree at to the weight of the evidence in a largely “he said, she said” case with little forensic evidence (e.g., the composition of the pills), or exactly what the judge’s legalistic instructions mean. Many may also feel, for example, that he is probably or likely guilty, or even that there is clear and convincing evidence of his guilt, but can’t take the final step and say they have no doubt at all and send him to die in prison.


    • cowgirldiva says:

      Professor John….I keep going back to the FACT that there are over 60 women accusing the SAME man of sexual assault…!! That is a lot of women accusing the SAME man, right..??!! I see a deliberate and calculated sexual betavior pattern on the part of Bill Cosby, do you..??

      • krumhorn says:

        What you see is not admissible evidence except in very particular circumstances….which are not these circumstances.

        – Krumhorn

    • Gregory jones says:

      Pretty racist argument. No made such arguments with the Rodney King verdict and what about the juries in the south who acquitted klansmen etc. I bet a couple of jurors held out for guilty, no more than that. This is a plot to take him out.

    • krumhorn says:

      Banzhaf is a drooling idiot. Under no circumstances has the US Supreme Court upheld jury nullification “as a perfectly lawful doctrine”. The only point of agreement is that it is not the province of the judge or any appellate court to review what was in the minds of the jurors when a decision was made. It would violate the Fifth Amendment double jeopardy provision to reverse an acquittal verdict based on nullification.

      To the contrary, Justice Harlan wrote in a Supreme Court majority opinion that the trial judge has no responsibility to instruct the jury that they have the right to decide contrary to the weight of evidence and nullify a law. Ever since, trial judges routinely penalize any attorney who tried to argue to a jury that they have that right.

      Cosby should walk. It has nothing to do with race It has everything to do with a prosecutor prosecuting a case 12 years after the event based on the complaint of a slut who was perfectly happy with a good f*k with a famous guy but became unhappy when her career aspirations failed to materialize and he stopped calling.

      Banzhaf needs a poke up the heiny.

      – Krumhorn

    • Wil in SAN says:

      Perhaps i misunderstood the facts in this case. But in 2004 positive consent wasn’t required and it was up to the victim to be able to say with 100% certainty they said no at some point? And since she took the drugs willingly she was still responsible for her subsequent actions. Such as when a black out drunk is still responsible for their actions during a black out.

      So really though the prosecution was hoping for the jury nullification, and that they would over look the law of the time, that had a huge loophole in it, and convict the man for just being despicable for so long.

      but if I am wrong on the facts and/or law please correct me it wouldn’t be my 1st time by a law prof :).

      • Syncopator says:

        From what I read, the victim’s behavior and story was inconsistent. Prosecution would hope jury would look past that, knowing something wrong had occurred regardless; defense, that it is tough to deliver a harsh sentence without a clear cut story from the accuser even if they suspect something wrong. Looks like they both got that, just not unanimously.

  24. ROBERTA ROSE says:

    Retrial really?? Ridiculous and absurd. He’s been shamed, she’s had her say…she filed right before the 12 yr limitation. If he did this he will pay..maybe not now in front of us…but I’m sure he has been paying for it. if innocent then he’s gone through enough. Retrial will cost a lot of money for the state. Who will pay for that, the taxpayers of course. Seriously, let it go now.

    • I am baffled that a professor will bring race as a potential reason Cosby’s case ended in a mistrial. This type of thinking is an implied belief that if a Black person is accused, he must be convicted; otherwise, he was not convicted because of his race, if you have Blacks on the jury. As a Black man in this country, it is dangerous for me to be accuse, because your mentality is the prevailing mentality within the majority population! So, Black people do no have the intellectual capacity to make a decision based on the evidence produced at the hearing without educing their racial preservative instincts? So, if we have an all-White jury and he is convicted on the flimsiest of evidence- not even strong enough for the preponderance of the evidence standard-, justice would have been served?

      No individual with any sense of justice and understanding of workings of the justice system will find that the prosecution proved its case “beyond a reasonable doubt!” No forensic evidence, incredible witnesses based on inconsistencies, implausibility of a rape victim going back at least two more times to the rapist, after two alleged previous rapes (hence the three counts on the indictment), and making over 70 contacts with the alleged rapist after three alleged rapes, including requesting tickets for the alleged victim and her family to watch the alleged rapist perform.

      The first prosecutor who looked at this case made the right decision based on the evidence.

      My objective appraisal of the evidence informs my view of this case, not the race of the people involved. Based on your post, though, if “jury nullification” is what it takes to make sure that a Black person is convicted based only on the standard of proof of “beyond a reasonable doubt,” then every Black person on the jury must exercise that mechanism to the maximum, otherwise, the constitutional rights of Blacks will continue to be formal rather than substantive!

      A mere accusation does not have to equal guilt when a Black person is concerned.

      Now, if you want to know a case where I believe jury nullification, no doubt, played a role to my distaste, it was the case of Priscilla Slade, the former President of Texas Southern University. She was, no doubt guilty, but when White men convicted of multi-million and multi-billion dollar ENRON fraud were getting a slap on the write, the prosecution was seeking life imprisonment for Slade, for embezzling hundreds of thousands of school funds. So, the Black people on the jury saw the double standard, where a Black offender deserved life in prison when White offenders, whose crimes were incomparably eclipsed Slade’s in magnitude, were getting a slap on the wrist, with no one calling for their life imprisonment. This motivated those Blacks, in my view, to set her free. It is the majority’s double standard that allowed a woman who should spend time prison to be set free, not Blacks’ aversion to sending Black offenders to prison. If this double standard did not exist, there will be no advocacy for jury nullification!

      Now, why do you think the police officer who shot Philando (sp?) was acquitted? Was it because the majority members of the jury do not want to see police officers who kill Black people convicted? I’m not in any way implying or expressing that that was the reason he was acquitted, I’m merely making a point that we can all formulate outlandish theories about jury conduct in criminal cases!

      Finally, your post is implying that the two Blacks on Cosby’s jury were the reason there was a mistrial without any shred of evidence of that! May I know what informed your opinion to write this?

    • wwdamron1 says:

      That’s like saying let Jeffrey Dahmer’s case go , if there was a mistrial in his case.

  25. C. Alanis says:

    Disgusting. If you have enough money…you do whatever you want. Repulsive. Seriously…repulsive.

    • Kea says:

      We have a president with numerous sexual assaults and misconduct suits that are currently filed against him. Yet the American people still elected him into office. We shouldn’t get mad at the justice system we created.

      • Alex says:

        I knew someone would insert Trump into this, by the way Trump has NEVER been accused of rape, but Bill Clinton has. You should get away from comment sections and go have a healthy snack

  26. Carver Green says:

    I don’t know how young I was when I learned that, should my body ever catch fire, I should look around for a rug, a blanket, or some drapery, wrap myself up in that and smother the fire out. I’m glad I have that information in my head – I feel everyone should have that information, and we should get it when we’re young. That said, if I ever find myself on fire, I don’t know that I’ll look for a rug. I might panic and burn to a crisp. Should I be blamed for that?

    Should I be blamed that, one night in my youth, when I would have done well to CALL FOR HELP, because I had been sexually assaulted, I stayed alone in a shower just wanting to blank out my mind and make the bad stuff go away? You can blame me if you want, but I don’t blame myself, nor will I blame any victim who doesn’t report having been sexually assaulted. My anger goes elsewhere today. I’m angry at a media with zero regard for Sexual Assault Prevention, and angry at a mob of bitches who, assaulted or not, have nothing constructive to sell the public – only a destructive intent to bury all mention of POLICE REPORTS and RAPE KITS, because those subjects hurt their credibility in an orchestrated attack on Bill Cosby.

    It rates with me that, when I was in my teens and had been sexually assaulted, the message CALL FOR HELP wasn’t in my head at all. It’s now 2017, and the next kid like me who gets f’d up the b by a predator, will not have that information in his head. This is because of our media; this is because of a sick attorney and the women she exploits for self-promotion; because of a scarily dumbed-down mob who take their cues from a media that doesn’t fact-check, and looks for Gut Reaction Only. Gut Reaction told me the Menendez brothers were sexually assaulted. Were they? You don’t reason with your gut unless you’re a fool. You don’t buy into media bias unless you’re a fool. Before the accusations started flowing in, was Cosby ever referred to by the press as “America’s Dad”? I don’t remember that, I don’t believe we called him that.

    What we’ve seen in the courtroom is the Reality that stories (even a slew of them) unsubstantiated by POLICE REPORTS and RAPE KITS, are insufficient for even the most closely-observed, pressed-to-meet-the-public’s-expectations jury – not when the jury members hold to Reasoning Standards, not even when you have “experts” testifying that sexual assault victims can’t be expected to tell the truth, so it’s okay that Constand lied and lied and lied to the police, until the police confronted her with evidence that, no, she didn’t break contact with Cosby after the alleged assault, and in fact their relationship continued for some time. Social media morons accept that, if a woman says she’s been raped, she’s telling the truth, no matter how many holes there are in her story. What’s more, if I dare question a rape allegation, I am The Reason Women Get Raped. Mob Mentality accepts that. That’s why I don’t bother replying to responses to my social media posts. Social media is a sewer of stupid minds.

    Cosby’s trial is now a matter of public record, and history confirms that the day will come when he is seen as the victim of a media whose standards continue to sink, and sink, and sink, just because the masses love that. His historical stature is secure. We live in a madhouse, and mad people are reading these words. But when our madness goes on record, as it has in Cosby’s case, it’s scrutinized for decades, even centuries, to come, and our madness sickens the same world that nurtured it. Our stupid hate makes us love the men and women who endure it, and Cosby continues to do so with grace and even humor. We have a lot to learn from him, and from the gift of laughter that he’s shared with us.

    • Yo mama says:

      Damn bitch go write a book dont bore us with this shit!!!! What is wrong with you?????

    • Lana says:

      That’s hysterical!

    • Common_sense123 says:

      My thing is usually if someone is raped they don’t go back to to their rapist time and time again bearing gifts. If I was raped I would not go back to my rapist, for what? I would block all contact with the rapist and file a report. Why didn’t the supposed victim in the case do the same? Sounds fishy to me. Either way Mr. Cosbys name has been dragged through the mud with these false and exaggerated accusations. Smh.

  27. Jack Pod says:

    What were the numbers for and against conviction?

    • Lawrence Card says:

      So what your saying, if a women says she’s been raped then she was raped. Have you ever heard that people lie for lots of reasons. I am not saying this happened in this case but your logic is moronic. Example. If a women is killed the first person that is looked at is the husband. He has to prove he didn’t do it because 85 percent of the time he was involved. Your logic, husband said he didn’t do it we just believe it. Another example the Duke case. You should always be skeptical in a criminal case because all people involved have different interest.

  28. JENIFER LIBY says:

    Money money money monnnneeyyyy!!

  29. Louise Couture says:

    He weil get off scot-free. Those with $$$$$$ behind them never get sent to prison. This whole trial was for nothing and it cost a fortune, and who pays the tab? Certainly not Cosby.

  30. Noah F Way says:

    The legal system is Wide awake in America

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