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  • ‘Queens’

    Brandy and Eve star in "Queens," ABC's smart, new rap girl group drama.

  • ‘You’ Season 3

    Netflix's "You" seeks vindication for Penn Badgley's Joe in a creatively depleted third season co-starring Victoria Pedretti.

  • ‘Squid Game’

    Netflix's smash Korean drama wants to have it both ways, criticizing violence while embracing it for maximum entertainment.

  • ‘Dune’

    Denis Villeneuve's adaptation has a majestic vastness, but it's an act of world-building that runs out of storytelling steam.

  • Critics Pick

    ‘The French Dispatch’

    From Paris with love, the cult auteur dedicates this supercharged anthology film to the 20th-century reporters who've inspired him.

  • ‘The Harder They Fall’

    Jeymes Samuel assembles a terrific cast to play some of the most notorious outlaws ever to ride the West in this stylish revenge saga.

  • ‘Halloween Kills’

    After his clever 2018 reboot, David Gordon Green fumbles the ball in a follow-up that falls back into the forgettability of sequel formula.

  • ‘The Lehman Trilogy’

    The brothers in this epic come to epitomize the rise and fall of American capitalism -- indeed, of America itself.

  • ‘Lackawana Blues’

    Ruben Santiago-Hudson, the longtime August Wilson collaborator, brings his own play to Broadway 20 years after its Off Broadway debut.

  • ‘A Crossing’

    Stories of the journey are told entirely in movement and song, both original and traditional, by a 12-member cast of Latinx singer-dancers.