UPDATED: On Sunday, actress Amber Tamblyn took to Twitter to call out Rose McGowan’s “shaming” remarks against Meryl Streep and other women who plan to wear black dresses to the Golden Globes.

After People magazine reported last week that several actresses are planning to wear black dresses to the Golden Globes in January as a sign of protest against sexual harassment in Hollywood, McGowan posted a now-deleted tweet berating them for their “hypocrisy,” particularly Streep. Prior to the wave of accusations that toppled Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, Streep worked with Weinstein on multiple films.

“Actresses, like Meryl Streep, who happily worked for The Pig Monster, are wearing black @GoldenGlobes in a silent protest,” McGowan wrote. “YOUR SILENCE is THE problem. You’ll accept a fake award breathlessly and affect no real change. I despise your hypocrisy. Maybe you should all wear Marchesa.” Marchesa is the fashion brand co-founded by Weinstein’s estranged wife. (McGowan later apologized for the Marchesa comment, tweeting, “The Marchesa line was beneath me and I’m sorry for that. Seeing that picture of Alyssa Milano with GC has ignited something in me that I can’t quite articulate.”)

Tamblyn responded to McGowan’s tweet with a thread of her own, stating that while she supports McGowan’s movement, “I do not support any woman (or man) shaming or taunting the movements of other woman who are trying to create change. Telling us to wear Marchesa? This is beneath you, Rose. You don’t have to support and stand with us, but we stand and support you. You make take below the belt shots at us, but we will not take them at you in return.” She went on to call for women to stand together.

When actress and producer Holly Marie Combs called out Tamblyn for doing to McGowan “what you claim you don’t support her doing to others,” Tamblyn retweeted Combs’ comment and defended herself, saying that McGowan’s “statement was public and hurtful to some women so a public response was earned. I spoke to her at length today, she knows how I feel. I love Rose fiercely, that will never change. To be critical of an action is not to condemn the person behind it. There’s your common message.”