WASHINGTON — The CEO of 3M resigned from President Donald Trump’s manufacturing council, the seventh business official to step down from the advisory group in the wake of the furor over Trump’s response to the Charlottesville unrest.

Inge Thulin, the chairman of the board and CEO of the company, said that he joined the jobs council “to advocate for policies that align with our values and encourage even stronger investment and job growth — in order to make the United States stronger, healthier and more prosperous for all people. After careful consideration, I believe the initiative is no longer an effective vehicle for 3M to advance these goals.”

Thulin joins the CEOs of Under Armour, Merck and Intel in stepping down from the group, along with the head of the Alliance for American Manufacturing and two officials from the AFL-CIO.

Trump has criticized those who left the group, and accused them of “grandstanding.” He also has suggested that others will be put in their place.

The remaining corporate chieftains on the council have come under pressure from employees and on social media to depart from the council after Trump pinned the blame on the Charlottesville unrest on “both sides.”