In addition to numerous states, several U.S. cities are also offering incentives to lure film shoots. One of them, San Antonio, boasts a combination of history – Spanish colonial architecture, the Alamo – and an array of modern yet charming cityscapes that can serve as locations for films ranging from westerns to contemporary dramas. The city’s rebate of 7.5% can be added to the potential 22.5% Texas cash grant.

The Texas city boasts multiple sites that can contribute production value, including its bustling Riverwalk, a pioneering city planning project that has transformed an urban river into a ribbon of greenery sprinkled with restaurants, shops and promenades. Botanical gardens, the La Villita arts village and Unesco World Heritage mansions add to the charm.

Specifically, the rebate delivers 7.5 % on approved San Antonio spend. This is stackable with the 22.5% cash grant available from the state of Texas. The minimum San Antonio spend per project is $100,000. The maximum award available per project is $250,000.

Notable production that have made it to San Antonio include “The Prey” (2017), “Dead Awake” (2016), “Everybody Wants Some” (2016), “ the TV series “Friday Night Tykes” (which began in 2013), “Battleship” (2012), “Stop Loss” (2006), “Syriana” (2005), “Spy Kids 2” (2001), “Spy Kids” (2000) and “Miss Congeniality” (2000).

7.5% Rebate on approved San Antonio spending
22.5% Texas cash grant — can be stacked with San Antonio rebate
$100k Minimum San Antonio spend
Information courtesy of EP Financial Solutions, a production incentive consulting and financial services company.