Czech Republic Offers Picturesque Locations, Generous Incentives and Well-Trained Crews

genius Czech Republic
Courtesy of National Geographic/DusanMartinc

For filmmakers seeking a location that possesses both natural beauty and a bustling urban landscape, the Czech Republic offers many ideal landscapes and cityscapes. In addition, producers can take advantage of the country’s multiple incentives, including a 20% rebate on qualifying spend. The program has no cap on per-project grants. Also, because it lacks a sunset date, studios consider it reliable.

The western half of what used to be Czechoslovakia (the Czechs and the Slovaks split into separate nations in the “velvet divorce” of 1993) boasts dense forests and rugged mountains, historic castles, and a capital city – Prague – replete with fascinating architecture, bustling nightlife and deep cultural traditions.

Plus, the Czech city of Karlovy Vary (formerly Germany’s Carlsbad) – site of the annual Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, which draws stars, fans and filmmakers from around the world – is considered one of the most achingly beautiful spots on earth, with gingerbread and rococo architecture climbing up the hillsides.

With its long tradition of filmmaking, the Czech Republic is home to some of the world’s best trained crews and most meticulous films craftspeople. Prague’s Barrandov Studio is a world-class production hub for film and TV that draws work from Hollywood and elsewhere. Czech Anglo Productions offers production services to global companies traveling to the Czech Republic to realize their projects.

The 20% rebate applies to qualifying expenditures in the Czech Republic. There’s also a 66% rebate on withholding tax paid in the Czech Republic by international cast and crews.

A minimum spend of about $680,000 is required for feature films, $91,000 for documentary projects, $365,000 per episode for television, and $45,000 per episode for TV animation.

Recent projects shot in the Czech Republic include “Ophelia” (set for release in 2018), the TV series “Genius” (out this year), “The Aftermath” (2017),” “The Catcher Was a Spy” (2017)” and “12 Monkeys” (a TV Series that debuted in 2015).

20% Rebate on qualifying Czech spend
66% Rebate on withholding tax paid in Czech Republic
$680k Mimimum spend for feature films
Information courtesy of EP Financial Solutions, a production incentive consulting and financial services company.