‘Arrival,’ ‘Rogue One,’ ‘Westworld’ Lead MPSE Sound Editing Nominations

The Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) organization has announced nominees for excellence in sound editing, to be awarded at the 64th annual Golden Reel Awards on Feb. 19.

On the feature side, “Arrival” and “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” landed the most nominations with three apiece. For television, “Westworld” picked up four nominations.

Previously announced, honorary awards will be presented to director Guillermo del Toro and sound editor Harry Cohen.

The Oscar nominees for sound editing this year are “Arrival,” “Deepwater Horizon,” “Hacksaw Ridge,” La La Land” and “Sully.” Last year’s Academy Award winner for best sound editing was “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

Full list of nominees below:

Guillermo del Toro

Harry Cohen


Supervising Sound Editor: Sylvain Bellemare
ADR Supervisor: Stan Sakellaropoulos
Dialog Editor: Claire Pochon, Valery Dufort-Boucher

Supervising Sound Editors: Jim Brookshire, Wayne Lemmer
Dialogue Editors: Teri Dorman, Ben Beardwood
ADR Editors: Laura Graham, R.J. Kizer

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“Hacksaw Ridge”
Supervising Sound Editor: Andy Wright
Supervising ADR Editors: Justine Angus, Kimberly Harris
Dialogue Editor: Jed Dodge
ADR Editor: Michele Perrone

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”
Supervising Sound Editors: Matthew Wood, Christopher Scarabosio
Supervising ADR Editor: Richard Quinn
Dialogue Editors: James Spencer, Trey Turner

Supervising Sound Editors: Alan Robert Murray, Bub Asman
Supervising ADR Editor: Katy Wood
Dialogue Editor: Hugo Weng

“Hidden Figures”
Supervising Sound Editors: Wayne Lemmer, Derek Vanderhorst
Supervising ADR Editor: Susan Dawes
Dialogue Editor: Helen Luttrell, RJ Kizer

“Hell or High Water”
Supervising Sound Editor: Frank Gaeta
Dialogue Editors: Chris Battaglia, Harrison Meyle
ADR Editor: Kathryn Madsen

Supervising Sound Editor: Robert Mackenzie
Supervising Dialogue Editor: Glenn Newnham


Supervising Sound Editors: Sylvain Bellemare
Foley Artists: Nicolas Becker, Gregory Vincent
Sound Designers: Dave Whitehead, Olivier Calvert, Michelle Child
Sound Effects Editors: Pierre-Jules Audet, Alan Murray, Mathieu Beaudin, Mimi Allard, Daniel Capeille, Simon Girard, Patrick Rioux
Foley Editors: Steven Ghouti, Olivier Guillaume, Niels Barletta, Luc Raymond
Foley Artists: Nicholas Becker, Gregory Vincent

Supervising Sound Editors: Wayne Lemmer, Jim Brookshire
Foley Artists: Dan O’Connel, John T Cucci
Sound Designers: Craig Henighan, Warren Hendriks, Ai Ling Lee

“Deepwater Horizon”
Supervising Sound Editors: Wylie Stateman, Renee Tondelli
Foley Artists: Gary Hecker, Rick Owens
Sound Effects Editors: Harry Cohen, Sylvain Lasseur, Dror Mohar, Kris Fenske

“Doctor Strange”
Supervising Sound Editors: Shannon Mills, Daniel Laurie, Foley Editors: Ryan Frias, Steve Orlando
Sound Designers: Nia Hansen, David C. Hughes
Sound Effects Editors: Josh Gold, J.R. Grubbs, David Chrastka
Foley Artists: John Roesch, Shelley Roden

“Hacksaw Ridge”
Supervising Sound Editors: Robert Mackenzie
Foley Editor: Alex Francis
Foley Artist: Mario Vaccaro
Sound Effects Editors: Liam Price, Tara Webb, Steve Burgess

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”
Supervising Sound Editor: Matthew Wood, Christopher Scarabosio
Foley Editors: Luke Dunn GIELMUDA, Ryan Frias
Foley Artists: Frank Rinella, Ronni Pitman
Sound Designers: Christopher Scarabosio, David Acord
Sound Effects Editors: Jonathan Borland, Josh Gold, J.R. Grubbs

“The Jungle Book”
Supervising Sound Editors: Christopher Boyes, Frank Eulner
Foley Editors: James Likowski, Dee Selby
Foley Artists: Dennie Thorpe, Jana Vance
Sound Effects Editors: Ken Fischer, Andre Fenley, David Chrastka

“Captain America: Civil War”
Supervising Sound Editors: Shannon Mills, Daniel Laurie
Sound Designers: Nia Hansen, David C. Hughes
Foley Editors: Jacob Riehle, Dee Selby
Foley Artists: John Roesch, Shelley Roden
Sound Effects Editors: Josh Gold, JR Grubbs, Jeremy Bowker


“Finding Dory”
Supervising Sound Editor: Steve Slanec
Dialogue Editors: James Spencer
Foley Editors: Christopher Flick, Jacob Riehle
Sound Designer: Tim Nielsen
Sound Effects Editors: Ken Fischer, Jonathan Borland, Jack Whittaker
Foley Artists: John Roesch, Shelley Roden
Music Editors: Bill Bernstein, Michael Zainer

“Kubo And The Two Strings”
Supervising Sound Editor: TIM CHAU
Sound Designer: TIM CHAU

Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Nielsen
Foley Editors: Thom Brennan, Matthew Harrison
Music Editors: Earl Ghaffari, Dan Pinder
Sound Effects Editors: Jonathan Borland, Pascal Garneau, Lee Gilmore
Foley Artists: John Roesch, Shelley Roden

“The Little Prince”
Supervising Sound Editors: Christopher Barnett, Tim Nielsen
Dialogue Editor: Brad Semenoff
Foley Editor: Dug Winningham
Foley Artist: Heikki Kossi
Music Editors: Bob Badami, Catherine Wilson
Sound Effects Editors: Jonathan Borland, Ken Fischer

Supervising Sound Editor: Addison Teague
ADR Editor: Dan Laurie
Foley Editors: Christopher Flick, Willard Overstreet
Sound Effects Editors: Lee Gilmore, Jack Whittaker, Jeremy Bowker
Foley Artists: John Roesch, Ronni Brown
Music Editors: Stephen M. Davis, M.P.S.E., Earl Ghaffari, Daniel Waldman

Supervising Sound Editors: Dennis Leonard
Sound Designer: Steve Boeddeker
Dialog Editor: Cheryl Nardi
Foley Editors: Richard Gould, Zach Martin, Larry Oatfield
Sound Effects Editors: Mac Smith, Dustin Cawood, Luke Dunn Gielmuda
Foley Artists: John Roesch, Shelley Roden, Ronni Brown, Jana Vance
Music Editor: Andre Zweers

“The Red Turtle”
Supervising Sound Editors: Bruno Seznec, Sébastien Marquilly
Supervising Dialog Editor: Christine Seznec
Sound Designer: Matthieu Michaux
Foley Artist: Florian Fabre
Music Editor: Fabien Devillers


Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Boggs
Music Editor: Julie Pierce
Sound Designer: Jeffrey Perkins
Sound Effects Editor: Alex Lee

“Amanda Knox”
Supervising Sound Editor: Chris Stangroom
Dialogue Editor: Stephen C. Davies
Sound Effects Editors: Diego Jimenez, Max Holland, Jesse Peterson, Oscar Convers

“Before the Flood”
Supervising Sound Editor: Allan Zaleski
Sound Designer: Dave Paterson
Dialog Editors: Larry Herman, Sylvia Menno
Sound Effects Editor: Grant Elder
Music Editor: Ren Klyce

“Passage To Mars”
Supervising Sound Editors: Trip Brock, MPSE, Steven Avila, MPSE
Dialogue Editors: Ben Whitver, Shasha Dong
Sound Effects Editors: Raymond Park, Peter Lago, MPSE, Alexander Pugh, MPSE
Foley Artists: Matthew Salib, Terry Boyd, Jr.

“The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years”
Supervising Sound Editors: Cameron Frankley, Jon Michaels
Dialogue Editor: Harrison Meyle
Music Editor: Melissa Muik
Sound Effects Editor: Dan Kenyon, Will Digby

“The Eagle Huntress”
Supervising Sound Editors: Lewis Goldstein, Pierre Takal
Dialogue Editor: Tom Ryan
Foley Editor: Wen Hsuan Tseng
Foley Artist: Shaun Brennan
Sound Effects Editor: Alex Soto

“The Ivory Game”
Supervising Sound Editors: Michael Plöderl, Thomas Kathriner
Dialogue Editor: Klaus Gartner
Sound Designer: Bernhard Zorzi
Sound Effects Editor: Bernd Dormayer

“The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and The Silk Road Ensemble”
Supervising Sound Editor: Pete Horner
Sound Designer: Al Nelson
Sound Effects Editor: Andre Zweers


Supervising Sound Editor: Alexis Place
Supervising ADR Editor: Katia Boutin
Sound Effects Editor: Gwennolé Le Borgne
Foley Artist: Philippe van Leer

ADR Editor: Toño Cubillo
Foley Artists: Ivo Moraga, Sebastián Esquivel
Music Editor: Hervé Schneid
Sound Designer: Miguel Hormazábal
Sound Effects Editor: Ivo Moraga

“The Handmaiden”
Supervising Sound Editor: Chul Woo Moon
Dialogue Editors: Min Kyung Cho, Yoon Sung Hong
Foley Editor: Eun Jung Kim
Foley Artist: Eun Jung Kim
Sound Designer: Suk Won Kim
Sound Effects Editor: Jung Ho Lee

“The King’s Choice”
Supervising Sound Editor: Christian Schaanning
Dialogue Editors: Ingela Jonsson, Espen Ronning
Foley Artist: Lucas Nilsson
Sound Designer: Christian Schaanning
Sound Effects Editors: Fredrik Dalefjell, Erlend Hogstad, Jens Johansson

“Toni Erdmann”
Supervising Sound Editor: Fabian Schmidt
Sound Designers: Erik Mischijew, Matz Muller
Sound Effects Editor: Adrian Baumeister
Foley Editor: Jan Moser
Foley Artists: Martin Langenbach, Gunther Rohn

“Under the Shadow”
Supervising Sound Editor: Richard Kondal
Dialogue Editor: Stelios Koupetoris
Foley Editor: Gwilym Perry
Sound Designer: Alex Joseph
Sound Effects Editor: Alex Outhwaite


Music Editors: Clint Bennett

“Hacksaw Ridge”
Music Editors: Matt Friedman

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”
Supervising Music Editor: John Finklea
Music Editors: Stephen Davis MPSE, Warren Brown MPSE

“13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”
Supervising Music Editor: Alex Gibson
Music Editors: Lee Scott, Nate Underkuffler

“Doctor Strange”
Supervising Music Editor: Steve Durkee
Music Editors: Stephen M. Davis, MPSE, Nashia Wachsman, Warren Brown, MPSE, Anele Onyekwere

“Don’t Breathe”
Music Editors: Maarten Hofmeijer

“Star Trek Beyond”
Music Editors: Stephen Davis MPSE, Paul Rabjohns

“Warcraft: The Beginning”
Music Editors: Michael Bauer, Peter Myles


“Florence Foster Jenkins”
Supervising Music Editor: Gerard McCann
Music Editors: Neil Stemp, Stuart Morton

“La La Land”
Music Editors: Jason Ruder

Music Editors: Earl Ghaffari, Daniel Pinder

“Sing Street”
Supervising Music Editor: Becky Bentham

Music Editors: Fernand Bos, Erich Stratmann, Vicki Hiatt


“Batman Bad Blood”
Supervising Sound Editor: Otis Van Osten
Dialogue Editors: Mark Keatts, Mike Garcia
Foley Editor: Robert Monkress
Sound Designer: Matt Hall
Sound Effects Editor: Gerardo Gonzalez

“Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League – Cosmic Clash”
Supervising Sound Editor: Rob McIntyre
Dialogue Editor: Kelly Foley Downs, Mike Garcia
Foley Editor: Aran Tanchum
Foley Artist: Vincent Guisetti
Sound Designers: Lawrence Reyes, Evan R. Dockter, Greg Hainer
Supervising Music Editor: Tim Kelly

“Lego DC Comics Superheroes: Justice League – Gotham City Breakout”
Supervising Sound Editors: Devon Bowman, Rob McIntyre
Foley Editor: Aran Tanchum
Foley Artist: Vincent Guisetti
Sound Effects Editors: Evan Dockter, Lawrence Reyes, Marc Schmidt, DJ Lynch
Dialogue Editors: Kelly Foley-Downs, Mike Garcia

“Open Season: Scared Silly”
Supervising Sound Editor: Geoffrey Rubay
Music Editor: Matt Friedman
Sound Designer: Ryan Collins
Sound Effects Editor: Alec Rubay

“Space Dogs Adventure to the Moon”
Supervising Sound Editor: Paul Hollman
Audio Lead: Dan Snow
Dialogue Editor: Elliot Herman
Sound Effects Editor: Joshua Ellis


“Broken Vows”
Supervising Sound Editors: Sean Higgins, Eric Lalicata
Audio Leads: Dan Snow
Dialogue Editors: Dhyana Carlton-Tims
Foley Editors: Leah Putlek
Sound Effects Editors: Ryan Gegenheimer, Kyle Lane
Foley Artist: Jody Berglund

“Rattle The Cage”
Supervising Sound Editor: Trip Brock, MPSE
Dialogue Editor: Ian Shedd
Foley Artists: Matthew Salib, Sanaa Cannella
Sound Designer: Raymond Park
Sound Effects Editors: Zheng Jia, G.W. Pope, III, John Kochanczyk, Rory O’Shea
Foley Editor: Terry Boyd, Jr.

“The Duel”
Supervising Sound Editor: David Barber, MPSE
Dialogue Editor: Micah Loken
Foley Artists: Gonzalo “Bino” Espinoza, David Kitchens, MPSE
Music Editor: Ben Zarai
Sound Effects Editors: Sean Gray, Ken Skoglund, Steve Urban

“The Thinning”
Supervising Sound Editor: Trip Brock, MPSE
Supervising ADR Editor: Ben Whitver
Foley Editor: Jordan McClain
Foley Artists: Matthew Salib, Sanaa Cannella
Sound Designer: Raymond Park
Sound Effects Editors: Zheng Jia, Sean Heissinger

“USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage”
Supervising Sound Editor: David Barber, MPSE
Dialogue Editor: Karol Urban, MPSE
Foley Editors: David Kitchens, MPSE
Foley Artist: Gonzalo “Bino” Espinoza
Sound Designer: Roland Thai
Sound Effects Editors: David Barbee, MPSE, Sean Gray, Ben Zarai
Music Editor: Zigmund Gron


Supervising Sound Editor: Kate Finan MPSE
Dialogue Editor: Jacob Cook
Foley Editor: Brad Meyer MPSE
Sound Designer: Eric Freeman
Sound Effects Editor: Brad Meyer MPSE

Supervising Sound Editor: Charles Deenen
Sound Designer: Csaba Wagner
Sound Effects Editors: Braden Parkes, Ozan Biron

“Overwatch: The Last Bastion”
Supervising Sound Editor: Caroline Hernandez
Supervising Music Editor: Samuel Cardon
Audio Lead: Paul Menichini
Foley Editors: Darrin Mann, Kyle Webb
Foley Artist: Gregg Barbanell
Music Editor: Derek Duke
Sound Designer: Harry Cohen
Sound Effects Editor: Keith Bilderbeck, Alexander Ephraim

“StartUp 104 — Angel Investor”
Supervising Sound Editors: Sean Higgins, Eric Lalicata
Audio Leads: Dan Snow
Dialogue Editors: Brian Dunlop, Dhyana Carlton-Tims
Foley Editors: Leah Putlek, Ryan Maguire
Foley Artist: Tara Blume
Music Editor: Chris McGeary
Sound Designer: Alex Weiss
Sound Effects Editor: Ryan Gegenheimer

Dialogue Editors: David Cowan, Patrick Foley, Kelly Foley Downs, Mike Garcia
Foley Editors: Shaun Cunningham, David Bonilla
Foley Artist: John Lampinen
Sound Designer: Robert Duran


“Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare”
Supervising Sound Editors: Charles Deenen, Csaba Wagner, Shannon Potter
Audio Director: Stephen Miller
Foley Editor: Matt Cavanaugh
Sound Designers: Tim Walston, Eliot Conners
Sound Effects Editors: Braden Parkes, Brent Burge, Patrick Ginn, Chad Bedell, Scott Wolf, Mike Schapiro
Music Editor: Sam Marshall
Foley Artist: Gary Hecker

“Gears of War 4”
Supervising Sound Editors: Charles Deenen, Csaba Wagner
Sound Designers: Tim Walston, Sam Justice
Sound Effects Editors: Braden Parkes, Justin Davey, Chris Diebold, Mike Schapiro, Malte Bieler, Jamey Scott
Foley Editors: Matt Cavanaugh, Colin Hart, George Pereyra, Craig Tomlinson
Audio Director: John Morgan
Audio Lead: Josh Linton

“Mafia III”
Audio Director: Matt Bauer (MPSE)
Foley Editors: Scott Curtis (MPSE)
Foley Artists: John Roesch (MPSE), Sean England, Shelley Roden, MPSE, Dennie Thorpe, Jana Vance, Ronni Brown
Sound Designers: Alexandre Saba, Jamey Scott (MPSE), Petr Klimunda
Sound Effects Editors: Kegan Chau, Mitchell Lincoln
Foley Editor: Jason Butler
Scoring Editors: Jesse Harlin, Jim Bonney
Music Editor: Ronan Chris Murphy

“Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End”
Supervising Sound Editor: Shannon Potter
Audio Director: Phillip Kovats
Sound Designers: Chad Bedell, Patrick Ginn, Scott Wolf, Dutch Hill, Alan Rankin, Jeremy Rogers, Robert Krekel, Erick Ocampo, Neil Uchitel
Supervising Music Editor: Scott Hanau
Music Editors: Andrew Buresh, Ernest Johnson, Rob Goodson, Ted Kocher
Foley Artists: Alicia Stevenson, Dawn Lunsford
Sound Effects Editors: Alexander Leeman Johnson, Jesse Garcia

“World of Warcraft: Legion Cinematic”
Supervising Sound Editor: Caroline Hernandez
Supervising Music Editor: Neal Acree
Audio Lead: Paul Menichini
Foley Editor: Darrin Mann
Foley Artists: Gregg Barbanell
Scoring Editor: John Kurlander
Sound Designers: Alexander Ephraim, David Farmer
Dialogue Lead: Andrea Toyias
Dialogue Editor: Michael Roache, Gary Rizzo
Sound Effects Editor: Isaac Hammons


“A Beautiful Planet”
Supervising Sound Editor: Peter Thillaye
Supervising Music Editor: Paul Talbot
Supervising ADR Editor: Alison Fisher
Foley Editor: Andy Malcolm
Foley Artist: Goro Koyama
Music Editor: Cory Mandel
Sound Designer: Ed Douglas
Sound Effects Editor: Karl Mohr
Vocal Editor: Rowan Thillaye Kerr

“America Wild: National Parks Adventure”
Supervising Sound Editor: Andrew DeCristofaro
Dialogue Editor: Darren Warkentin
Foley Editor: David Stanke
Foley Artist: Alicia Stevenson, Dawn Lunsford
Music Editor: Steve Wood
Sound Designers: Michael Payne, Jay Wilkinson

“Extreme Weather”
Supervising Sound Editor: Brian Eimer
Music Editor: Nicholas Cochran
Sound Effects Editors: Michael Bonini, Taylan Cevik

Supervising Sound Editor: Jamey Scott
Audio Director: Scot Stafford
Music Editor: Alexis Harte, JJ Wiesler
Sound Designer: Jamey Scott


Supervising Sound Editor: Jeff Shiffman MPSE
Dialogue Editors: Michael Petak, Anna Adams
Foley Editor: Tess Fournier
Foley Artists: Craig Ng
Music Editor: Brad Breeck
Sound Effects Editors: Jessey Drake MPSE, Tess Fournier

“Avengers Assemble” — “Adapting to Change”
Supervising Sound Editor: Mike Draghi
Dialogue Editor: John Brengman
Foley Editor: Roberto Alegria
Sound Designers: Marcos Abrom, Michael Emter, Jesse Arruda

“BoJack Horseman” — “Fish Out of Water”
Supervising Sound Editor: Hunter Curra
ADR Editor: Konrad Piñon
Sound Designers: Andrew Twite, Joy Elett, Kailand C. Reilly

“Gravity Falls” — “Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls”
Supervising Sound Editor: Heather Olsen
Foley Editor: Aran Tanchum
Foley Artist: John Lampinen
Sound Designer: Heather Olsen

“Rebels: Season 2 Episode 20” — “Twilight of the Apprentice”
Supervising Sound Editors: Matthew Wood, David Acord
Dialogue Editors: Tony Dias, Jacob Ortiz
Foley Editor: Frank Rinella
Foley Artists: Kim Patrick
Sound Effects Editor: Bonnie Wild
Sound Designer: David Acord

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” — “The Ever-Burning Fire”
Supervising Sound Editor: Jeff Shiffman MPSE
Dialogue Editors: Elliot Herman MPSE, Anna Adams
Foley Editor: Roger Pallan
Music Editor: Sebastian Evans II
Sound Effects Editors: Jeff Shiffman MPSE, Jessey Drake MPSE

“Voltron: The Legendary Defender” — “The Black Paladin”
Supervising Sound Editors: Rob McIntyre, Devon Bowman
Foley Editor: Alfredo Douglas
Foley Artist: Vincent Guisetti
Music Editors: Brad Breeck, Brian Parkhurst
Sound Designers: Marc Schmidt, Evan Dockter, Lawrence Reyes
Sound Effects Editors: DJ Lynch, Andrew Ing


“I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”
Supervising Sound Editor: Joe Dzuban
Dialogue Editor: Justin Dzuban
Sound Effects Editors: Justin Krook, Pernell Salinas

“Mapplethorpe: Look At The Pictures”
Supervising Sound Editor: Paulette Victor Lifton
Dialogue Editors: Scott Brewster, Gary Coppola
Foley Editor: Nathan Ashton
Foley Artist: Nathan Ashton
Sound Effects Editor: Mark Allen

“My Beautiful Broken Brain”
Supervising Sound Editor: Nick Ryan
Dialogue Editor: Claire Ellis
Sound Effects Editor: Tom Foster

“Searching For Home: Coming Back From War”
Supervising Sound Editor: Paulette Lifton
Dialogue Editors: Gary Coppola, James Gallivan
ADR Editor: Jamison Rabbe
Sound Effects Editors: Paul Mason, Gabe Aronson

“Team Foxcatcher”
Supervising Sound Editors: Nicholas Montgomery, Tom Efinger
Dialogue Editor: Jeff Seelye
Music Editor: Suzana Peric


Dialogue Editors: Claire Ellis
Sound Effects Editors: Kim Tae Hak

“Chef’s Table”
Supervising Sound Editor: William McGuigan
Sound Effects Editor: Nikola Simikic

“Last Chance U” — “Blood Makes the Grass Grow”
Supervising Sound Editors: Pete Nichols
Dialogue Editors: Graham Barclay, Aaron Cross
Foley Editors: Jason Coleman
Foley Artists: Jason Coleman
Sound Designers: Barry Weir

“Sonic Sea”
Supervising Sound Editor: Trevor Gates
Dialogue Editor: Ryan Briley
Sound Effects Editors: Ron Aston, Christopher Bonis

“The White Helmets”
Dialogue Editor: Claire Ellis
Sound Effects Editor: Tom Foster

“We Will Rise: Michelle Obama’s Mission to Educate Girls Around the World”
Supervising Sound Editor: Rich Cutler
Music Editor: Oliver Lief


“Harley and the Davidsons” — “Night 2: Race to the Top”
Supervising Sound Editor: Jamie Caple
Dialogue Editors: Dan Green, Michael Wabro
ADR Editors: Tim Hands

“Roots” — “Part 2”
Supervising Sound Editor: Gary Megregian
Supervising ADR Editor: Stuart Martin
Dialogue Editors: Steve Stuhr, Christian Buenaventura
ADR Editor: Jason Krane

“Sherlock” — “The Abominable Bride”
Supervising Sound Editor: Douglas Sinclair
Dialogue Editor: Paul McFadden
ADR Editor: Douglas Sinclair

“The Night Of” — “Part 1: The Beach”
Supervising Sound Editor: NICHOLAS RENBECK

“Westworld” — “The Bicameral Mind”
Supervising Sound Editor: Thomas E. de Gorter M.P.S.E.
Supervising ADR Editor: Matthew Sawelson M.P.S.E
Dialogue Editors: Brian Armstrong M.P.S.E, Fred Paragano


“Preacher” — “Pilot”
Supervising Sound Editor: Michael Babcock
Sound Designers: Michael Babcock, Chris Diebold
Sound Effects Editor: Ian Herzon

“Roots” — “Part 1”
Supervising Sound Editor: Gary Megregian
Foley Editor: Mitchell Lestner
Foley Artists: Noel Vought, Ginger Geary
Sound Designer: Tim Cleveland
Sound Effects Editors: Paul Diller, John Snider, Marcello Dubaz

“Sherlock” — “The Abominable Bride”
Supervising Sound Editor: Douglas Sinclair
Foley Editor: Jamie Talbutt
Foley Artist: Julie Ankerson
Sound Effects Editors: Stuart McCowan, Jon Salmon-Joyce

“War and Peace” — “Night 4”
Supervising Sound Editor: Lee Walpole
Foley Editor: Sarah Elias
Foley Artists: Catherine Thomas, Andi Derrick
Sound Effects Editors: Andy Kennedy, Alex Ellerington, Danton Tanimura, Saoirse Christopherson

“Westworld” — “The Bicameral Mind”
Supervising Sound Editors: Thomas E. de Gorter M.P.S.E., Matthew Sawelson M.P.S.E
Foley Editors: Geordy Sincavage, Michael Head
Foley Artists: Rick Owen MPSE, Tara Blume
Sound Designers: Mark Allen MPSE, Marc Glassman MPSE


“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” — “Summer”
Music Editor: Scott Schirle

“Quarry” — “You Don’t Miss Your Water”
Music Editor: Lodge Worster

“Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le”
Music Editors: Wolfgang Aichholz, Kevin Banks, MPSE

“The Get Down” — “Where There Is Ruin, There Is Hope for a Treasure”
Supervising Music Editor: Jamieson Shaw
Music Editor: Dave Robertson

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again”
Music Editor: Kevin Bassinson


“Game of Thrones” — “Battle of the Bastards”
Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Kimmel
Supervising ADR Editor: Tim Hands

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” — “Deals With Your Devils”
Supervising Sound Editor: Daniel Colman
Dialogue Editor: Stefani Feldman
ADR Editor: Sara Bencivenga

“Penny Dreadful III” — “Ebb Tide”
Supervising Sound Editor: Jane Tattersall
Dialogue Editor: Elma Bello
ADR Editor: Dale Sheldrake, Paul Conway

“Shooter” — “Overwatch”
Supervising Sound Editor: Mark Relyea
Dialogue Editor: Robert Guastini
ADR Editor: Julie Altus

“The Shannara Chronicles” — “Bloodfire”
Supervising Sound Editor: Norval “Charlie” Crutcher III
Supervising ADR Editor: Michael Lawshe
Dialogue Editor: Karyn Foster

“The Walking Dead” — “Heart’s Still Beating”
Supervising Sound Editors: Jerry Ross, Lou Thomas, Tim Farrell
Foley Editor: Clay Weber
Foley Artists: Catherine Harper, Katie Rose, Derrin Mann
Music Editor: Michael Baber

“Westworld” — “Trace Decay”
Supervising Sound Editor: Thomas E. de Gorter M.P.S.E.
Supervising ADR Editor: Matthew Sawelson M.P.S.E
Dialogue Editors: Brian Armstrong M.P.S.E, Fred Paragano


“American Horror Story: Roanoke” — “Chapter 1”
Supervising Sound Editor: Gary Megregian
Foley Artist: Noel Vought
Sound Designer: Timothy Cleveland
Sound Effects Editor: Paul Diller

“Better Call Saul” — “Nailed”
Supervising Sound Editor: Nick Forshager
Foley Editor: Jeff Cranford
Foley Artist: Tim Chilton, Jerry Trent
Sound Effects Editor: Mark Cookson

“Black Sails” — “XX”
Supervising Sound Editor: Benjamin Cook
Foley Editor: Brett Voss
Foley Artists: Jeff Wilhoit, Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit
Sound Effects Editors: Jeff Pitts, Tim Tuchrello

“Game of Thrones” — “Battle of the Bastards”
Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Kimmel
Foley Editors: Brett Voss, John Matter
Foley Artists: Jeffrey Wilhoit, Dylan Wilhoit
Sound Designer: Paula Fairfield
Sound Effects Editor: Bradley Katona

“Marco Polo” — “Heirs”
Supervising Sound Editor: Dave Paterson
Foley Artist: Rachel Chancey
Sound Effects Editors: Glenfield Payne, Damian Volpe

“Narcos” — “The Good, The Bad, and The Dead”
Supervising Sound Editor: Randle Akerson
Foley Artist: Steve Hammond
Sound Effects Editor: Dino R.DiMuro, MPSE

“Stranger Things” — “Chapter 8: The Upside Down”
Supervising Sound Editor: Bradley North
Foley Editor: Jacob McNaughton
Foley Artist: Noel Vought
Sound Designer: Craig Henighan
Sound Effects Editors: Jordan Wilby, Jonathan Golodner

“Westworld” — “Trompe L’Oeil”
Supervising Sound Editors: Thomas E. de Gorter M.P.S.E., Matthew Sawelson M.P.S.E
Foley Editors: Geordy Sincavage, Michael Head
Foley Artists: Tara Blume, Rick Owens M.P.S.E
Sound Designers: Mark R. Allen M.P.S.E, Marc Glassman M.P.S.E


“Animal Kingdom” — “What Have You Done”
Music Editor: Troy Hardy

“Arrow” — “What We Leave Behind”
Music Editor: Shie Rozow

“Game of Thrones” — “Battle of the Bastards”
Music Editor: David Klotz

“Just Add Magic” — “Just Add Pluots: Part 2”
Music Editor: Shie Rozow

“Lethal Weapon” — “Pilot”
Supervising Music Editor: Chris McGeary
Music Editors: Jenny Leite

“Luke Cage” — “Soliloquy of Chaos”
Music Editor: Michael Brake

“Quantico” — “Lipstick”
Music Editor: Robert Cotnoir

“Stranger Things” — “Chapter Three: Holly Jolly”
Music Editor: David Klotz


“Mozart In The Jungle” — “Now I Will Sing”
Music Editor: Jason Newman

“Nashville” — “Didn’t Expect It To Go Down This Way”
Music Editors: Jaclyn Newman Dorn, Sean Alexander

“The Get Down” — “Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice”
Music Editor: Jamieson Shaw

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” — “When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?”
Supervising Music Editor:  Moira  Marquis
Music Editor:  Jillinda Palmer

“Roadies” — “The Load Out”
Music Editor:  Jennifer Barak


Sound Designers: Taylor Scherer

Supervising Sound Editor: Zoltan Juhasz
Foley Artist: Zoltan Juhasz
Sound Designer: Zoltan Juhasz

Supervising Sound Editor: Gerry Vazquez
Sound Designer: Gerry Vazquez

“It’s Just a Gun”
Supervising Sound Editor and Designer: Xiang Li
Foley Artist: Xiang Li

“Shallow Grave”
Supervising Sound Editor and Designer: Peiqi Duan
Foley Artists: Peiqi Duan, Tianfu Zhang

“Those Who Are Lost”
Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer: Tom Jenkins
ADR and Dialogue Editor: Tom Jenkins
Foley Artist: Tom Jenkins
Music Editor: Tom Jenkins

Supervising Sound Editor and Designer: Xiaodan Li
ADR and Dialogue Editor: Xiaodan Li
Foley Artist: Wenrui Fan

“Amelia’s Closet”
Supervising Sound Editor: Chris Morocco
Sound Effects Editors: Derek Sepe, Dustin Elm

More Artisans

  • Mark Lanza

    Mark Lanza Elected as New President of Motion Picture Sound Editors

    The Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) has elected Mark Lanza as president. Lanza succeeds Tom McCarthy. He previously served as treasurer to the organization and begins his two-year term in January. Lanza has been a sound professional for 30 years and is credited on more than 250 feature films and television shows including “Born on [...]

  • Ford v Ferrari BTS

    'Ford V Ferrari' Wins Top Prize at 56th Annual CAS Awards

    James Mangold’s “Ford V Ferrari” won the Outstanding Sound Mixing Motion Picture Award at the 56th CAS Awards. The film’s sound mixing team Steven A. Morrow, CAS; Paul Massey, CAS; David Giammarco, CAS;Tyson Lozensky, David Betancourt, and Richard Duarte were on hand to accept the award. Mangold had an extra reason to celebrate the night [...]

  • American Factory

    'American Factory' Editor Had to Cut Down 2,000 Hours of Footage

    Editor Lindsay Utz admits filmmakers Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert never fully counted the hours of footage shot for the Oscar-nominated documentary “American Factory,” but she puts it close to 2000 hours. Utz pored over the footage that Bognar and Reichert had spent over three years filming and whittled the story down to just under [...]

  • Cinematographer Roger Deakins poses for a

    Roger Deakins Wins ASC Award for '1917'

    Roger Deakins has won the top feature award from the American Society of Cinematographers. The win for “1917” marked his fifth win from the society. The evening kicked off with the ASC Opening reel highlighting cinematography, followed by the first award of the night for Documentary. “Joker” director Todd Phillips presented the inaugural Documentary Award [...]

  • Tesla Movie Sundance

    Five Artisans Talk About Their Work on Buzzy Sundance Titles

    At this year’s Sundance, 118 features will make their debut. Here are five hotly anticipated films that will be in the mix and some of the artisans behind them.  Bad Hair (Midnight) Costume designer Ceci reconnects with Justin Simien (“Dear White People”) on a satirical horror set in 1989 Los Angeles, where ambitious Anna (Elle [...]

  • Joker Movie

    Make-Up Artist Nicki Ledermann on the Stages of 'Joker' Face

    When “Joker” make-up artist Nicki Ledermann came on board, she had some ideas in mind for the film and presented mock-ups to director Todd Phillips and star Joaquin Phoenix — and both Phillips and Phoenix had already played around with ideas and showed Ledermann photos. “I had to take the design and it was up [...]

  • Netflix headquarters in Los Gatos, California,

    Alison Small Set to Lead Training for Netflix in U.K. (EXCLUSIVE)

    Alison Small, CEO of The Production Guild of Great Britain, is in discussions to join Netflix as head of its training initiatives out of the U.K., Variety has learned. The Production Guild, whose members include line producers, production managers and location managers, among others, advertised for a new CEO last week. Its chair is Alex [...]

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