‘The Bachelor’ Season 21 Cast Revealed: Meet the Women Vying for Nick Viall’s Heart

Nick Viall
Courtesy of ABC

If 2016 was truly, as John Oliver deemed, “the f—ing worst,” then the lineup of “Bachelor” contestants for Season 21 released on Wednesday hints that brighter days may be just around the bend in 2017. Specifically, on Jan. 2 — the day that Nick Viall’s season of “The Bachelor” premieres on ABC.

Viall has been around the “Bachelor” block once or twice (or three times) starting with “The Bachelorette” Season 10. After finishing second, having his “heart broken,” and confronting and shaming the woman who rejected him on live television, he apparently thought, “That was fun, let’s do it again!” and returned for Season 11… only to, once again, come in second. At the risk of having America think he was stuck in an endless time loop of rejection, Viall burst his “bad guy” reputation by appearing on “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 3 (mostly by comparison to more repulsive, less savvy dudes).

A few weeks before each season of “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” begins, ABC gives the gift of contestant profiles. Each set promises identically wavy hair, unique occupations, and a few surprises along the way. Here are some of the highlights from “fourth-time’s-the-charm” Nick Viall’s 30 potential romantic interests:


The new gang gets off to a good start with Alexis, an “aspiring dolphin trainer” who also says she would be a “dolphin or dog” if she could be any animal. In what seems like a prank, the next three contestants alphabetically — Angela, Astrid, and Briana — also say they would want to be dolphins. So does Lauren.


In what suspiciously seems like an ABC tie-in for the return of “Scandal,” Olivia Pope comes up an inordinate amount of times. Astrid, Christen, Danielle L., Dominique, Jasmine G., and Sarah all mention the show. Meanwhile, in a shocking twist, when asked which fictional character she wants to be, the contestant named Olivia chooses Superwoman.

Best Occupation

Keep an eye out for Liz, the Doula, who says her greatest achievement to date was “helping my sister birth my niece, Grace. I got to be her doula and cut her umbilical cord.”

Dead Fiancé Alert 

Most “Bachelor” seasons include one, if not several, sob stories. This season’s will most likely belong to Danielle M., who seems pretty open about her dead fiancé. (What’s the closest you have ever come to being married, and why didn’t it work out? “Engaged – my fiancé passed away.”) It seems very sad, but definitely someone to draft on your “Bachelor” fantasy team as she is almost guaranteed to stick around long enough to make Nick misty with her devastating story.


Most answers for favorite books and movies skew toward the generic, but two of the 30 stood out. First, Ida Marie who mentions twice that she doesn’t read and can’t name her favorite book. Second, Jasmine B. who says her favorite author is Steve Harvey because “he dished out great advice on success and relationships.” Really who’s to argue? She’s probably very prepared for the show.

Check of the full cast of “The Bachelor” Season 21 on ABC’s website.