Howard Rodman, president of the Writers Guild of America West, has called President-elect Donald Trump an incompetent sociopath — and said part of the responsibility rests with Hollywood.

“There is blood on our hands,” he said.

Rodman, in a statement to Variety said he was speaking for himself and that his comments were not an official statement from the guild. The WGA West has about 8,000 members.

“We’ve just elected a raging, wildly incompetent sociopath to the highest office in the land,” Rodman said. “Let’s be candid: some of the responsibility for this rests with our own industry. We have, for the sake of ratings and revenue, conflated news with entertainment, in the process giving billions of dollars worth of free air time to the least qualified presidential candidate in our lifetime.”

Rodman also pointed the massive TV news coverage given to the issue of Hillary Clinton’s email server.

“In 2016 networks devoted more minutes of coverage to an email server than to climate change, jobs, education, healthcare, poverty, infrastructure, all other issues combined,” he said. “We’ve so blurred the lines between reality and reality television that our nation can scarcely discern the difference. There is blood on our hands.”