NBC’s Red Nose Day special was filled with celebrity comedy sketches from the cast of “The Walking Dead” spoofing “Star Wars” to Sarah Silverman’s outlandish jokes. Check out a roundup of some of the night’s funniest spoofs and skits below.

“The Walking Dead” Cast Spoofs “Star Wars Holiday Special”

“The Walking Dead” stars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus dreamed up the perfect spoof for Thursday’s Red Nose Day show.

After a long day on set dealing with “so much blood, gore and horror,” the two zombie fighters sought “something that would bring sweetness, light into the world.” In comes “The Walking Dead’s” remake of 1978’s “Star Wars Holiday Special.”

Cast mates Steven Yeun, Melissa McBride, Josh McDermitt, Ross Marquand, David Morrissey and Christian Serratos joined forces with special guest stars Jeff Goldblum, Dax Shepard, Yvette-Nicole Brown and Chris Hardwick for the special, which included a 16-minute drum solo courtesy of McBride, and both Shepard and Hardwick’s takes on Han Solo.

But, in the end, Lincoln and Reedus’ elaborate event doesn’t fall through. “We ain’t doing that,” Reedus says to his costar.

Key and Peele Go Homeless for Red Nose Day

Among the Red Nose Day comedy sketches was also a video featuring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele competing over who could give the most money to support children for the fundraiser. After emptying their bank accounts, selling their homes and other amenities, the comedy duo still isn’t satisfied.

“I wish I could give my blood,” said Peele. “I wish I could give my soul, Key responded.”

The end of the sketch finds the duo homeless and eating out of the trash as their on-screen spouses walk by unfazed.

Margot Robbie Spoofs “The Big Short” Bathtub Scene

Margot Robbie also made an appearance, poking fun at her famous bathtub scene from Adam McKay’s “The Big Short.”

“So a lot of people have been asking what Red Nose Day is about, and it seems for reasons that are very hard to understand that the best place for me to answer this is in the bathtub,” Robbie jokes. “It has everything to do with raising money and making people laugh, and it has absolutely nothing to do with bathtubs, shampoo, conditioner, soap, champagne or nudity.”

Sarah Silverman’s Red Nose Day Pitches

Sarah Silverman gave a mouthful during her Red Nose Day sketch.

In a mock pitch meeting to offer ideas for the charity fundraising day, Silverman alluded to Hitler, corrupt CEOs, prostitutes in concentration camps and alcoholism, to name a few.

“Three people are watching Red Nose Day and they’re playing strip poker and they’re totally naked.” “Think family friendly,” interrupted the fake network executive. “Oh, they are a family. It’s a mom, a dad and like a teenage son. I should’ve mentioned that,” finished Silverman.

NBC’s Red Nose Day special premiered Thursday night, raising more than $30 million to aid children living in poverty.