Mere days before “The Walking Dead” returns to further traumatize fans with its midseason premiere, the cast wil sit down with James Lipton on Bravo’s “Inside the Actors Studio,” airing Thursday, Feb. 11 at 8 p.m.

“TWD” stars Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan will join executive producers Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple to discuss the ratings juggernaut with Lipton, in an interview that was filmed on the “Walking Dead” set at Raleigh Studios in Georgia.

“We took ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ right onto the set of The Walking Dead to find out what the terror, thrills, courage and compassion we see on the screen are like, up close and very personal,” said Lipton in a statement. “Join us – if you dare!”

Among the revelations fans can expect to discover during the episode: The cast members reveal how they landed their roles and share their most memorable scenes from their time on the series. We’ll also find out which actor got their start in the industry by screaming at people at a Hollywood Hills party, and whether or not anyone on the stage already knows how “The Walking Dead” will eventually come to an end (our bet’s on Kirkman).

While star Andrew Lincoln was not on hand for the interview, Reedus made sure he was well-represented, effusively praising his co-star. “He’s the first one to set; he’s the last one to leave,” Reedus said of Lincoln during the sit-down. “He’s our actors’ quarterback. And he’s the screamer on set… he gets everyone pumped up. I can’t say enough good things about him. He deserves all of this.”

Apparently Cohan got a little emotional when sitting down with Lipton, telling him during the interview, “I’m trying to do all of these breathing exercises because when I found out we were going to come on your show, the first thing I promised myself was I wasn’t gonna cry because everybody cries and I already cry so easily so… (crying) oh shoot!”

“The Walking Dead” returns Sunday, Feb. 14 at 9 p.m. on AMC.