While “The Walking Dead” on AMC continues to be a monstrous success, the comic book that started it all hit a major milestone on January 13.

“The Walking Dead” released issue 150 today (the same day that AMC released the key art for the second half of Season 6) — a rare feat for a any comic operating outside the Marvel and DC Comics umbrellas. The series has been building towards the events in the issue, titled “Betrayed,” that released today. The description for the issue, which are usually fairly detailed, simply reads “Rick Grimes is betrayed.”

The comic — which started in Oct. of 2003 — and the show have been running in tandem since 2010, but fans have been able to enjoy both thanks to the diverging storylines. Many locations are mirrored (the swing by Hershel’s farm, the prison and Alexandria) but the arcs within both mediums have changed either slightly or drastically. Character life-spans also vary depending on how you consume your “Walking Dead.” Some characters who died seasons ago in the TV show are still kicking in the comics, and vice versa. Others, like fan-favorite TV character Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) exist purely in the show, at least for now.

“Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman has said in the past that he already has an ending for “The Walking Dead” in mind, but plans to continue on for 300 issues. AMC also has long-range plans for the hit series, which remains the highest-rated drama on television, with executive producer David Alpert having said they have ideas through season 12 of the show.