Madeleine Haeringer, who has logged several years as a senior producer at NBC News and MSNBC, will join Vice’s soon-to-launch nightly news program for HBO as executive producer, the media company told staffers in a memo Wednesday.

“Madeleine is pretty much what you’d expect from her resume—smart, tough, funny, profane, intrigued by our free beer, and eager to cover important global stories in surprising ways,” said Josh Tyrangiel, the former Bloomberg and Time Inc. editorial honcho who is spearheading the new program, which does not as of yet have a launch date.

Haeringer was most recently executive producer of MSNBC’s news coverage. She is known at NBC for leading the production unit of the company’s chief foreign correspondent, Richard Engel. She has also been executive producer for all of NBC’s international news coverage and overseen the network’s news coverage of the Olympics as well.

The hire suggests Vice is moving closer to the launch of the program, which is being scrutinized eagerly by more traditional news outlets to see if it is competitive with more traditional evening or late-day newscasts. Earlier this month, the company unveiled a slate of new hires from outlets including The New York Times and U.S. News and World Report.

In an interview with Variety that took place earlier this year, Vice Media CEO Shane Smith said the newscast would deliver information as well as Vice’s distinctive “on the ground” reporting that is not found elsewhere. “I think there’s a huge white space,” Smith says. “We have political contacts and military contacts. We have terrorist contacts. We have contact with everybody, and can go in and get the story out. I think I would put our team up against any other team that’s out there.”

If viewers don’t watch the program in traditional fashion, he said, HBO is also planning for the newscast to be used on streaming venues.