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Timeless,” NBC, Monday, 10 p.m. (CRITICS PICK)

Every now and then, a show comes along that is so ridiculous, so expansively silly, that it goes around the bend from meaningless to meaningful, from a blank canvas to one whose emptiness signifies something profound. NBC’s “Timeless” is such a show — maybe. It’s either unintentionally brilliant or unintentionally just very funny. The drama is a time-traveling adventure procedural in which an unlikely trio of heroes follows history-changing criminals as they hop through significant events of the past. In the pilot episode, the historic event of note is the Hindenburg disaster. The show has a B-movie premise, action-adventure sensibilities, and a sense of humor about its own preposterous storytelling. But like the best dumb entertainment, it’s smart where it counts — understanding its audience.

No Tomorrow,” CW, Tuesday, 9 p.m.

The CW, home to “Jane the Virgin” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” is launching yet another female-driven hourlong comedy with an end-of-the-world bucket list show that showcases the A+ chemistry between newcomer Tori Anderson and “Galavant” alum Joshua Sasse, whose banter will undoubtedly make you smile. As Variety critic Maureen Ryan writes, “Leave it to the CW to come up with an optimistic apocalypse.”

“Frequency,” CW, Wednesday, 9 p.m.

The movie-to-television reboot trend is hot yet again this television season, and so is time travel. The CW’s version of”Frequency,” the film that starred Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel, bares striking resemblances to the cult-fave flick, yet the central character has a female twist, played by star Peyton List.

Insecure,” HBO, Sunday, 9 p.m.

Variety critic Sonia Saraiya calls “Insecure” — created by star Issa Rae and ex-Comedy Central host Larry Wilmore — one of the best comedies of the 2016-2017 TV season. Comparing the feel of the series to that of “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” our critic writes, “HBO’s new half-hour from Issa Rae engages with language, love, and streams of colorful profanity.”

Divorce,” HBO, Sunday, 10 p.m.

Sarah Jessica Parker is back. And back to the network she used to call home. The “Sex and the City” superstar takes on an entirely new role that still has similarities to Carrie Bradshaw — this time, the grown up, dressed down and divorced version.

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