Turner Broadcasting is the latest entertainment company to threaten a possible boycott of the state of North Carolina in response to anti-LGBT legislation passed there last week.

The first season of TNT drama “Good Behavior” is currently shooting in the state. Turner has no plans to relocate that production, but indicated Thursday that it would keep future productions out of the state if the law remains in place.

“In the case of North Carolina, Turner is currently in the midst of production of one show which it will compete,” a company spokesperson said. “Turner will, however reevaluate doing further  business in North Carolina.”

A+E Networks and 21st Century Fox on Wednesday indicated that they would no longer shoot in North Carolina. Both companies have television series currently filming there.

Last week, North Carolina’s Republican Gov. Pat McCrory signed into law a bill that would bar local LGBT anti-discrimination ordinances. The move drew quick condemnation from the MPAA.

Turner’s parent company Time Warner has also issued a statement regarding the law: “Time Warner is committed to an inclusive work environment. In our workplaces, we forbid discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental disability, marital status and other legally protected classifications. Consistent with that approach, as an employer, we believe that all our employees should enjoy equal rights, and thus we oppose legislation that promotes invidious discrimination.”

Georgia’s governor announced this week that he would veto a religious-liberty bill that would have allowed business owners to refuse service to LGBT customers, following pressure from the entertainment industry and other major business interests.