PopPolitics: AMC’s ‘Turn’ Puts Perspective on 2016 Divisions (Listen)

'Turn' on AMC: Barry Josephson, Craig
Courtesy of AMC

AMC’s “Turn: Washington’s Spies” returns on April 25, and the producers of the Revolutionary War era-drama say that the show may have particular resonance to this year’s presidential campaign of overheated rhetoric and seemingly endless debate.

AMC is even marketing the show with a play on this year’s campaign slogans — “They Made America Great” and “Feel the Turn” — and is conducting an online poll to choose any of this year’s presidential contenders vs. George Washington (Luckily, the father of our country is winning).

“With words like treason being bandied about, sometimes in this election cycle, I think it is good to look back and say, ‘Here is where real treason was going down,'” says executive producer Craig Silverstein. “All of the politicians are invoking the founding father’s names, but they don’t realize that those guys were in a major pitched battle, sometimes against each other, as the country was forming.”

The new season, set in 1778, finds Abraham Woodhull (Jamie Bell), who is at the center of Washington’s spy ring, facing a new threat of being exposed. In Philadelphia, there is increasing discord between military governor Benedict Arnold (Owain Yeoman) and others in the Continental Army.

“This campaign season for me is as divisive and divided as I have ever seen,” says executive producer Barry Josephson. “I know that there are many that have been divided..but this one sort of challenges what you think about the different parties in such a profound way. In our show, the time period has that element to it. We really thought that there was a great direct correlation between that period and this period.”

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George Clooney and the Money Race

Dave Levinthal of the Center for Public Integrity talks about criticism of Hillary Clinton from Bernie Sanders’ campaign over her fundraising at high-dollar events, including a couple of fetes hosted by George and Amal Clooney. Clooney decried money in politics, but said that the bulk of what was raised would be going to national and state parties to benefit candidates down the ticket.

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Hunter Schwarz of IJReview and Alexander Heffner of the Open Mind talk about speculation that Donald Trump is trying to tone it down on the campaign trail.

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