Before O.J. Simpson, there were the Menéndez brothers.

The first trailer for ABC’s upcoming documentary “Truth and Lies: The Menéndez Brothers – American Sons, American Murderers” was released Monday morning. The two-hour special details the chilling murders of entertainment executive Jose Menéndez and his wife, Mary “Kitty” Menéndez, who were brutally killed by their two sons, Lyle and Erik, in their Beverly Hills home on Aug. 20, 1989.

Labeled as “the perfect American family,” the murders were initially reported as a mafia hit, though investigators became suspicious after Lyle and Erik went on an extravagant spending spree with their parents’ money following the crime. The pair were eventually were arrested and charged with the double-murder.

Twenty-seven years after the notorious crime, the documentary will air never-before-seen home movies and photos and “the testimony from members of the Menéndez inner circle,” according to the press release. Additionally, all-interviews will be given by the family’s friends and neighbors, as well as detectives, lawyers and jurors who handled the case. Lyle will provide a “jailhouse phone interview” during the special as well.

“Truth and Lies: The Menéndez Brothers — American Sons, American Murderers” premieres Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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