The American Federation of Musicians Local 47 has reached a deal with the producers of Amazon’s original series “Transparent” to cover musicians working on the show under a union contract.

Producers at Picrow agreed to sign on to the AFM television and new-media agreement after musicians from the Los Angeles musicians union demonstrated against the use of non-union musicians on “Transparent.”

A March 30 demonstration asserted that there was unequal treatment of musicians who were not covered under a labor contract, unlike actors, writers, directors, crew and other workers.

The new contract covers the employment of professional musicians, arrangers, copyists, leaders, conductors and sideline musicians. According to the union, the new deal means fair wages, benefits, health care, pension and other union protections.

“We thank ‘Transparent’ producers at Picrow for stepping up to treat musicians as equal workers,” said AFM Local 47 president John Acosta. “Musicians contribute as much to a production as all other workers, and we are happy that those working on the series will receive fair treatment, dignity and respect in the workplace.”

AFM Local 47 covers about 7,000 Los Angeles-area musicians in all areas of the music business.