When Amazon’s “Transparent” returns for its third season September 23, the theme will be “coming out of your shell.”

The cast and executive producers of the Emmy-winning dramedy were on hand at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills to tease their plans for the upcoming season — with the exception of creator Jill Soloway, who’s on her first vacation since before the pilot.

“There are a few flashbacks involving that metaphor,” explained executive producer Our Lady J. The main flashback will be to 1958, to Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) as a 12-year-old girl who is not out yet. It’s based on Soloway’s parent’s own experiences as a child.

“It’s a story that hasn’t been told yet,” said Our Lady J. “You think of going male to female, rather than a trans person being assigned the wrong gender at birth, so we really wanted to tell that story and bring that into the public consciousness.”

Tambor said he’s recognized the impact the show has had on the culture. “The times they are a’ changing and thank god,” he said. “The knowledge, the zeitgeist has happened.”

Star Alexandra Billings praised his performance as well for its impact on the national conversation about LGBT issue. “It’s affecting the part of society in such a way that it’s changing the political climate when we talk about gender,” she said. “It’s not just a television show, it’s a movement of sorts.”

Tambor said the role of Maura, which earned him a best comedy actor trophy last year along with a nomination this year, has also changed his life. “You never take off Maura,” he said. “She has made me a better person, a better parent, a better citizen. And she keeps teaching me.”

He also defended the storylines of the Pfefferman children. “I think the kids got a little more of a hit coming out, it wasn’t as understood, people called them selfish,” he said. “hey have righted themselves gorgeously. They took authorship of their lives.”

“Transparent” recently earned 10 Emmy nominations, including best comedy and best actor for Tambor.

Watch the season three trailer below:

Season three of “Transparent” will premiere September 23.