‘The Walking Dead’ Season Premiere: Even Chris Hardwick Doesn’t Know Who Negan Kills

Chris Hardwick
Jim Smeal/REX/Shutterstock

The highly anticipated season 7 premiere of “The Walking Dead” is just around the corner, but even Chris Hardwick doesn’t know which character Negan kills.

Variety caught up with the “Talking Dead” aftershow host at the “Doctor Strange” premiere Thursday night, where he admitted to not being in on the closely guarded secret.

“I legitimately have no idea,” Hardwick told Variety on the red carpet, adding that he’ll screen the episode on Saturday.

“It could be Glenn. Maybe it’s Abraham, because if you’re Negan, wouldn’t you want to take out the biggest guy? And then I thought, if he’s really evil he might take out Maggie.”

Following Sunday’s premiere, Hardwick will host a live, 90-minute version of “The Talking Dead” with the all the actors in the Negan scene and thousands of fans.

“It’s really just about honoring the show and the material,” he told Variety about the task. “It’s making sure about whatever happens — and I’ve been warned it’s heavy, which is why I watching it a day before — that we can handle it as respectfully as possible.”

When asked about the theory of two deaths, Hardwick replied, “It would be shocking if they did that but I just can’t imagine them taking out two beloved core characters from the show. I legitimately don’t know. And I don’t ask [the cast] because I don’t want to try to gauge their reactions to things.”

Also at the premiere was “Guardians of the Galaxy” star Michael Rooker, who “Walking Dead” fans know best as Daryl’s brother Merle, who himself exited the show with a memorable death.

“I don’t know. They don’t tell me anything. Every time I think I know who it is, they may flip it around. In the comics, it’s Glenn, but they don’t follow the comics.”

If it’s one of the original cast members as rumored, it would be someone Rooker worked with on Seasons 1 and 3. Rooker got emotional thinking of his costar’s fate, saying “It’s tough man. ‘The Walking Dead’ cast, they kill it man. That’s a hard show. They’re out in the elements. I remember jumping over snakes. I respect those guys.”

The Season 7 premiere of “The Walking Dead” airs Sunday on AMC at 9/8C.