While season six’s big cliffhanger left many fans furious, “The Walking Dead’s” Norman Reedus says to be prepared for even more drama in season seven.

“Trust me. I think probably the planet is going to explode,” said Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, on Entertainment Weekly Radio. “That’s my feeling. It’s so good. Every time we go on a promotional tour talking about what’s going to come, we all say ‘Oh my God, it’s amazing. I can’t wait for you to see it.’ But it continually surprises me how this show grows and is put together and the execution of it – no pun intended. It blows my mind. It just continually reaches a new plateau every single time, and this is the highest plateau we’ve ever been. So just wait. It’s worth the wait, trust me.”

When asked just how many times fans have approached him about who died at the hands of Negan during the season 6 finale, Reedus said: “Probably about a zillion times. Like, all the time.”

But if he were left in the dark, just like fans are, he probably wouldn’t want to know what happens.

“I don’t like spoilers, to be honest, I don’t want people to tell me the ending to the movie when we sit down in a movie theater. I don’t like them, so I don’t do them. I like the enthusiasm behind everyone wanting to know, but it’s a good feeling to have that enthusiasm, so let’s hold onto it,” he added.

Reedus is thankful that he doesn’t have to get the brunt of both happy and disgruntled fans. Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman, on the other hand, probably face inquisitive minds far more often than Reedus.

“Those poor guys,” laughed Reedus. “That’s another level of ‘What the f–k?’ Those guys get hammered. Me, I can be like, ‘Oh, it’s great!’ I can kinda get away with it because I don’t write it and I don’t know everything that is going to happen, but those poor guys. They bust their ass to give you this entertainment and pour their hearts on the line and then they just get ‘What the f—k, Scott Gimple? How could you do this to me!'”

Although it’s been a few months since the season finale, fans are still talking about Lucille and Negan’s victim, theorizing about who gets annihilated. But all this verbosity is simply flattering to Reedus.

“They’re still talking about it,” said Reedus. “The fact that people are still talking is a huge compliment to how that episode was executed and the acting in it and the writing of it. That’s a good thing. Talk sometimes its good. I know we all have phones and everything is instant gratification now. I get it. I like that too. I like the controversy, to be honest. For that many people to be that invested in that show and freaking out, I think it’s great.”

Reedus will be starring in AMC’s reality series “Ride with Norman Reedus,” which premieres June 12.

“The Walking Dead” season 7 will premiere later this year.