‘The Simpsons’ Makes TV History, Renewed for Record-Breaking 29th and 30th Seasons

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TV history has been made.

The Simpsons” has been renewed for Season 29 and Season 30, an unprecedented feat, becoming the longest-running scripted TV show of all time.

With the double renewal, the animated sitcom will hit 669 episodes during its 30th season, breaking the record for most episodes of any scripted show, among both animated and live-action series. Previously, that record was held by “Gunsmoke,” the Western drama that aired from 1955 to 1975, hitting 635 episodes.

Take that ‘Gunsmoke!’ You lost a race you didn’t even know you were running!” said Homer Simpson in a statement today, celebrating the renewal.

Currently in the midst of its 28th season, “The Simpsons” debuted in 1989. Executive producers are Matt Groening, James L. Brooks and Al Jean.

“This is yet another record-setting moment for what is truly a landmark series,” said Fox Television Group chairmen and CEOs, Dana Walden and Gary Newman. “‘The Simpsons’ has meant so much to the network, the studio and everyone at Fox, and its continued cultural impact around the globe is a testament to the combined brilliance of Matt, Jim and Al. Congratulations to everyone who works on this groundbreaking series — from the voice cast and producers to the writers and production team — you comprise one of the greatest collections of creative talent in the history of the medium. And to the millions of ‘Simpsons’ fans around the world, thank you for watching all these years. We’re happy to tell you there’s lots more to come.”

“The Simpsons” has become a pop culture phenomenon over the past 26 years. It has won 32 Emmys, 34 Annie Awards, a 2016 People’s Choice Award, a 2016 Environmental Media Award, was the first animated series to win a Peabody Award and nabbed an Academy Award nomination in 2012. The series has a ride at Universal Studios, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a box office hit with the 2007 theatrical film, “The Simpsons Movie.”

To date, “The Simpsons” is averaging 7.2 million viewers across all platforms for its current season, which airs Sunday nights on Fox. It hit its milestone 600th episode on Oct. 16, which brought the largest audience since the beginning of the year and the largest seven-day-delayed viewership in over three years.

Speaking to Variety, Jean recently spoke about the legacy of “The Simpsons” and the prospect of another feature film. “The movie was such a time-intensive operation, it pulled a lot away from the show,” he said. “I would rather end the show whenever that happens before doing another movie. It’s unlikely there’ll be another ‘Simpsons’ feature while the show is being produced.”

Well then, it looks like there won’t be another “Simpsons” movie for at least two more years.