Trust the unknown— at least that’s what Netflix’s new thriller “The OA” proposes.

The Los Angeles premiere of “The OA” was held Thursday evening at the Vista Theater. Though a rare L.A. rainstorm served as an unwelcome addition to the red carpet, the series’ creators and stars managed to brave the downpour, including Brit Marling, Zal BatmanglijJason Isaacs, Phyllis Smith and Emory Cohen.

Before its release, the plot of “The OA” remained virtually unknown — a trailer released last week reveals almost nothing as to what viewers can expect form the series. However, according to Marling, the series’ co-creator, writer and star, that’s exactly the point.

“At what angle does one approach a mystery when you can’t reveal any of the mysteries?” she joked.

What the trailer does reveal is that Marling portrays Prairie Johnson, a young blind woman who has her sight restored. Marling noted that she spent ample time shadowing a blind man in order to better understand her character’s past.”Zal and I worked to develop this world while writing the script,” the actress continued. “I spent some time following this really amazing man who went blind when he was in his late teens. Learning to navigate the world in a different way and through a different set of your senses was a great backdoor to the psychology of the character. It was a massive undertaking.”

And massive it was— according to both Marling and Batmanglij, principle photography alone took approximately five months to complete. And though the series’ premiere culminated in many years of work and preparation.

“We wanted to try our hand at doing a novel, so to speak, but as a long-format story on the screen,” Batmanglij said.

Marling added, “I think because we spent so much time writing this story, and certainly a lot of time conceiving the world and all the characters, it allowed me to have some prep work done upfront. Once it was time to for me to actually portray this character, there was already a lot of groundwork that was there.”

“The OA” is now streaming on Netflix.