It’s been just over a year since the launch of “The Late Late Show,” and executive producers Ben Winston and Rob Crabbe have settled comfortably into their adjoining offices in CBS’ Television City — well, with the help of their wives, who helped them decorate. While they bought their personal touches to it, they also wanted to pay tribute to the previous occupant. “I’m very aware this was Peter Lasally’s office, who is for us like the Godfather of late-night,” says Winston who inherited the office of the legendary producer. “He left this office on December the 23rd and we came in on the 1st of January, which is why I’ve got a picture of him above my desk.”


Letterman fans will recognize the bridge in Winston’s office: a vestige from the talk-show host’s set. “I was very lucky when his set got taken apart, I managed to nab the bridge,” says Winston. “The amount of history and heritage that is invested in that piece of set,” he says, is simply “amazing.”


Winston credits his wife with always delivering impressive gifts. He’s long been a fan of Jim Henson, and for his 30th birthday, she presented him with a Muppet of himself. “It actually looks quite a lot like me,” he concedes.


Taking the job meant a cross-country move for Crabbe. “I came out to L.A. kicking and screaming,” he recalls of the move, which brought him out here six weeks ahead of his family. “My then 4-year-old son painted me a Statue of Liberty to put in my office to remind me of home.”


Crabbe’s photo of himself with President Obama isn’t just one of his favorite things — it’s one of Winston’s, too. “I think if there’s one photo in the world that I would like,” says Winston, “I’d put me in there rather than Rob.”