At last, we’ve finally met the mysterious Benefactor.

Last week on ABC’s “The Catch,” John Simm (“Doctor Who”) made his debut as Rhys, the man behind the con team of Ben (Peter Krause) and Margot (Sonya Walger), and it’s clear that there’s a power struggle brewing — probably because Rhys also happens to be Margot’s brother.

In Variety‘s exclusive preview clip for the May 5 episode, titled “The Ringer,” Simm’s Rhys is planning the next con with his teammates — and he’s not getting his way.

“The young wine baron is checking in today, and he’s bringing with him the sweetest little gambling addiction,” The Benefactor tells Ben and Margot. Turns out their target is a fan of a particular brand of poker: Texas Hold ‘Em. “We convince him there’s an underground high stakes game here in the hotel, tell him there’s a steep buy-in and then take his money.”

But Margot is having none of it. “You can’t just take his money,” she says. “Listen to me. If you do this right, he won’t even know he’s being robbed. He’ll just think he had an off night at the tables.”

Rhys argues back, “Why is your way always the right way?”

“It’s not,” counters Margot. “It’s just better than yours.”

It falls to Ben to try to make peace. “Why don’t we do your con your way?” he says, gesturing to Margot. “Your plan, your execution, your control. You tell us who we are, what we do. And we do it. No questions asked.”

“Would you agree to that?” she asks her brother. “To my being in control?”

The Benefactor concedes reluctantly: “As if I had any choice in the matter.”

“The Catch” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.