‘The Big Bang Theory’: Melissa Rauch & Simon Helberg Talk Baby Bombshell

Melissa Rauch Big Bang Theory Pregnancy
Courtesy of CBS

Season nine of “The Big Bang Theory” is sprinkled with milestones. Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) and Howard (Simon Helberg) are expecting a baby, and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) consummated their relationship a few episodes back.

With the series already renewed for a 10th season, Bernadette’s baby will arrive sometime in the near future, so Variety talked to “The Big Bang Theory” cast at the show’s 200th episode party this past Saturday about the surprise storyline.

“I’m very excited to have a TV baby with my TV family, and I’m interested as to how much we’re going to see of the baby,” Rauch said this weekend at the L.A. event. “I think what’s really great is the writers have always done this fantastic job when any big changes on the show happen — they’ve always kept the essence of what the show is, and it hasn’t changed that DNA as a show, and it’s beautiful how they’ve done that. They use these situations to create these dynamics between the characters and challenge the dynamics between the characters, and yet at the end, it somehow brings them closer together. I love that, and I’m excited to see how the baby will do that as well.”

Bernadette’s on-screen baby daddy Helberg is also excited for the new addition. “I think they’ll handle it in the beautiful, nuanced way they seem to handle everything,” he said of “Big Bang’s” writers. “I can’t wait to experience the anxiety and the joy and all of it with him.”

As for Sheldon and Amy finally having sex this season, Parsons never thought he would have to film a bedroom scene with Bialik.

“The thing that surprised me most was lying shirtless in bed with her,” Parsons told Variety. “I really had a moment that tickled me. I was like okay, I’m realizing as we’re doing this, I really never thought we’d be here. Not that I consciously thought they’d never had sex. We had cameras on us shirtless. It was like, who are we?! We are the wrong people in the wrong role. But that’s what was so joyful about it.”

After two huge milestones this season, what’s next? The gang will celebrate Sheldon’s birthday together on the 200th episode.

“We’ve got some awesome guest stars,” series co-creator Bill Prady teased. “Batman, Adam West is in that episode. Wil Wheaton is there and Sara Gilbert. A lot of fun people from the family. It’s a really fun, good episode of ‘Big Bang.'”

“It’s big. We throw a really big party even though he doesn’t really want it, and there’s some really epic guest stars and it’s a very funny episode,” Bialik added

Co-creator Chuck Lorre was hesitant to give any hints about the cast’s future. Though he didn’t spill any secrets, he said, “We are still writing season nine. Season 10 we will discuss next summer.”